Camp K12 and Delhi Government ink partnership to launch high-end Coding curriculum in Schools of Specialised Excellence


New Delhi : Edtech startup Camp K12 today announced its partnership with the Delhi Government to bring coding and high-end 21st century skills to Delhi Schools as part of the government’s “Schools of Specialized Excellence” (SoSE). SoSEs seek to discover, foster, and nurture student ability, thereby enabling them to realise their full potential in specific domains. Schools of Specialized Excellence in High-End 21st Century Skills will provide an education focused around high end skills and entrepreneurship development that is relevant in the fast-changing 21st century. Partnership with expert organizations of global repute such as Camp K12 is expected to ensure a high-quality specialized education in SoSEs. Students will have the opportunity for experiential learning through projects, field visits, internships, etc in their field of interest.


As part of the partnership, Camp K12 is building a coding curriculum and providing resource persons who will implement the curriculum on school campuses. In addition, Camp K12 is providing schools with a comprehensive technology solution that makes advanced technologies accessible and fun for young students, an assessment engine through which student progress will be evaluated and tracked over time, and a coding Game engine to keep kids engaged and learning beyond the classroom. Students will participate in coding hackathons and inter-school contests, build real-world projects addressing problems in their communities, and have frequent interactions with Industry Experts from Silicon Valley and India.


Speaking about the initiative, Himanshu Gupta, Director of Education, expressed “Delhi government wants to equip the students with contemporary skills and give them an exposure to cutting-edge technologies. Camp K12 has been working with schools for over a decade. We saw their coding platform and their curriculum and pedagogy, and liked it. We’re excited to bring Coding to our Schools of Specialized Excellence and pleased to be working with the Camp K12 team to bring the best to our students.”


Anshul Bhagi, Co-Founder/CEO at Camp K12, said “Our Journey of supporting schools in India with coding curriculum and teachers started 11 years ago. Back then, Coding was an ‘extracurricular’ pursuit for the few families looking to send their kids abroad. Ten years later, Coding has transformed the business landscape and economy of India, it has fueled innovation, it has allowed India to export talent and startups to the globe, and it has become a foundational skill for the 21st century. This partnership with the Delhi government marks the beginning of a new era where we educate kids for life rather than for exams, where we push for skill building over rote learning. I’m excited to be working with Mr. Himanshu Gupta, and the visionaries in the Delhi Government on this mission statement, it has been close to my heart for over a decade.”


The program kicks off in January, with a Metaverse / Virtual Reality / 3D game development module that will help kids fall in love with coding while providing them with the confidence and knowledge that they are not too young to create the kinds of games and applications they play with their friends. Every participating child will code and publish their own online 3D metaverse that others can jump inside and play with Virtual Reality headsets or normal desktops / mobiles, making these young developers among the youngest and first Metaverse developers in the world. The curriculum will progress over time to more challenging topics, namely Python and JavaScript for web and mobile apps, and Data Science / Machine Learning for artificial intelligence applications.


Camp K12 was founded in 2010 by an MIT/Harvard computer science graduate as India’s first coding bootcamp for kids. The company has since trained 320,000+ students across 30+ countries through school partnerships, university partnerships, corporate partnerships, and its own Live online courses that take place in its gamified and social coding platform. Camp K12’s founder, Anshul, was part of the team at MIT that built coding tools for kids, including “MIT AppInventor”, now used by 15M+ students worldwide to learn coding and build mobile apps. Over the last decade, the company has expanded its portfolio of cutting-edge curriculum modules and in-house coding platforms to include Metaverse (AR/VR/3D Games) Development, Data Science & Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Web Development and more.


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