You cannot hate your mother tongue: Sudhish Pachauri


New Delhi : On the eve of Hindi divas, Dainik Jagran’s ‘Sanidhya’ under initiative ‘Hindi Hai Hum’ to make Hindi rich and strong was organized at Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, Delhi.A special exhibition depicting the progressive journey on 75 years of Dainik Jagran was inaugurated by the chief guest Union minister of State for Home Affairs Shr. Nityanand Rai.

In the daylong event , numerous sessions by renowned speakers like Prasoon Joshi, Prof. SudhishPachauri, Abdul Bismillah, Ram BahadurRai, Prof. Anand Kumar, Jainendra Singh, Sachchidanand Joshiand RJ Divya were held.

In the session Gandhi and Hindi, panelists brought forward various facts about Gandhi concern and love for Hindi. While expressing his views on this President of IGNCA, Ram Bahadur Rai said” Mahatma Gandhi contribution to Hindi is now diminishing in the eyes of the current generation. we need to understand the movement Gandhi led the strengthen the Hindi language. Gandhi ji once said ‘ If i am made a dictator for a day then i will make Hindi the national language (Rashtra Bhasha). Mahatma Gandhi made special effort to promote Hindi in South India and Northeastern states.

Senior journalist Harshvardhan Tripathi said “Gandhi ji contribution to hindi and how close hindi was to his soul are less talked about these days. Hindi has the potential to become international language and it is a wonderful feeling.

While sharing Gandhi ji’s love for Hindi , Prof Anand Kumar said ‘ Language has its own politics and politics has its own language. When Gandhi ji returned to India from South India, his dream was that India should have a Rashtra Bhasha. Gandhi ji once said, given Indian culture the Hindi language will maintain the unity of India.

After elaborately talking about Gandhi’s connection with Hindi language , another session “ Hindi Samaj aur Dharm” talked about the grinding relationship between language and religion in India. While sharing his experiences on this topic, Novelist Abdul Bismillah said ‘ Language does not belong to any caste, religion and country. Hindi belonged to Hindu and Urdu belonged to Muslims was the game played by British. How colonial ruler played the politics of language between Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Bhartendu Harish Chandra is known to all.

Hindi litterateur and critic Sudhish Pachauri said ‘ Language came first and religion came much later and language does not have any links to any particular religion. Hindi in its own area is in a bad shape, nobody is standing behind Hindi. Hindi has only become the market. Hindi poet and author feels ashamed to be Hindi writer. Why is this happening?. If you have any problem with any particular person, ideology and power center, then why should you hate your mother tongue.

Principal of Hansraj College ,Dr Rama said “ Today we don’t need to stand behind hindi, we need to walk together with hindi. Every religion teaches that we should have unity”.

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