Canon India unfolds the Story of Kyosei

New Delhi: To embark the celebrations of two decades of its operations in India, Canon is running an online Photo story contest called “Story of Kyosei”. The theme ”Story of Kyosei” is conceptualised in line with Canon’s global brand philosophy derived from a Japanese word called ’Kyosei’ which means living and working in harmony for the common good irrespective of race, religion or culture.
This digital photo contest is a unique opportunity for photo enthusiasts across the country to narrate their “Story of Kyosei “through their creative interpretation of the subject. Through this digital campaign, Canon India endeavours to take a step ahead in promoting the photo-culture in the country. The contest unfolds over 30 days as participants will be given 20 visual hints basis which they have to submit their entries. These visual hints are conceptualised upholding the pillars of the Kyosei philosophy.
Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi President and CEO, Canon India said, “The corporate philosophy of Kyosei is an imperative part of Canon’s DNA. It is a way of life for us and contributes substantially in our endeavours of taking the best of the imaging world to our customers. Kyosei educates us on the values of giving back to the community and ensuring a holistic development of our society. Commencing the 21st year of our operations in the country, with this campaign, we are pleased to take the concept of Kyosei closer to our customers. This photo contest would enrich the engagement between our customers and the world of photography, challenging them to explore their creative sides. Celebrating the power of both Kyosei and photography, with the final video, I envision to see a masterpiece in line with the interpretation of our philosophy.”
Commenting on this, Mr. Eddie Udagawa, Vice President of Consumer Imaging and Information Centre, Canon India said, “India has a rich photography talent hidden that just needs to be nurtured. As we celebrate 20 years in India, it is our commitment to the country to boost the photography culture and help the talent reach newer heights. ”Story of Kyosei” is an endeavour in this direction. The photo contest “Story of Kyosei” is divided into 20 visual hints through which one story would be created and the winning photographs of each visual hint will be compiled into a video story. The winner of each visual hint stands to win our premium compact camera PowerShot G9X. It will be interesting to see the way people in the country perceive our philosophy. “
The contest started on 30th January and will run until March 3, 2017. Canon is expecting close to 10,000 entries from this contest. The submitted photographs will be judged by Canon panel of photography experts. Amalgamating the winner entries from each cue, the first photo story of Kyosei will be launched on 10th March 2017.