Centre for CSR & Sustainability Excellence (CCSE) launched its initiative D-Talk on


New Delhi: The Centre for CSR and Sustainability Excellence, a non profit foundation conducted its first successful talk show D-talk on the subject Creating a Safe Online Space for Women and Children at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library. The flagship talk show titled “My Safe Space” intends to highlight the growing trend of trolling and abusing women online while indicate cyber threat against children. The agenda of the talk session was to emphasize the major types of crime witnessed by women and children in the online space and provide some recommendations on security, safety and legal ramifications.

The show was graced with the presence of some distinguished subject-matter experts such as clinical psychologist and activist Dr. Jayanti Dutta- Clinical Psychologist & Activist, Advocate Prashant Mali- Bombay High Court, Advocate Mr. Pavan Duggal- Supreme Court, Cyber security expert Mr. Rakhsit Tandon.

Speaking at the event Dr. Soumitro Chakraborty, Chairman, CCSE, being concerned about the situation of women and children said, “Due to the extensive use of social media but lack of monitoring framework, today the rising trend of online abuse against women and children is coming up as real threat to our society. It is high time we strike a consistent conversation about these new ways of crime”. In context to children being the victim of cyberbullying, he said, “Children are bullied online. Some children unknowingly become the bullies themselves, and at times social media games like Blue Whale Challenge and Momo Challenge are emerging form of threats on social media that is putting our children’s life on risk”.

Highlighting the signals of negative effect of social media, Dr. Jayanti Dutta one of the speakers suggested the parents to look out for particular signs of social media addiction, for instance if your child seems too fond of his/ her phone and their behavioural pattern changes, their social interaction reduces, parents should pay attention. For all you know, the child be under cyber threat. She also referred to the negative influence with games like Momo and Kiki game challenge.

D-Talk on My Safe Space was witnessed by more than 300 professionals, parents, and youth who supported the cause.

Another speaker, Mr. Paval Duggal said “as a nation we have not done enough to control cases of cyberbullying and the number are constantly increasing.” He also mentioned, Cyberbullying is becoming a part of school culture and such mindest need to be checked. He also suggested the audience to choose friends wisely in the virtual world.”.