Centuary Mattresses Extends support to the Medical Staff working for the treatment of COVID-19 patients

Hyderabad : Centuary Mattresses, a leading mattress company in India, has announced that it has committed to donating 221 high-end Pocketed Spring mattresses to the medical fraternity through Government of Telangana in support of its fight against the pandemic – Coronavirus (COVID-19). With the pandemic impacting all strata of the society in a way or the other, the medical professionals especially are working continuously for extended hours with hectic schedules. Intending to provide a comfortable sleep to enable them to continue taking care of the COVID-19 patients after a rejuvenating nap, Centuary Mattresses will be providing these mattresses to various hospitals as per the requirements shared by the State Government.

In a meeting with Mr. KT Rama Rao, Hon’ble Minister for Industries, Government of Telangana, Mr. Purshottam Malani, Chairman, Centuary Mattresses committed to supply these 221 Mattresses with a value of INR 15 lakhs as per the need of the State Government.

While sharing the details of their commitment, Mr. Purshottam Malani, Chairman, Centuary Mattresses said, “Well-rested is half the battle won, so we hope our contribution aids the battle which the frontline medical staff is taking against the pandemic of COVID-19. During this crisis time, doctors, healthcare professionals, and paramedical staff are relentlessly serving the nation with immense commitment and dedication to saving human live. With this small support, we intend to provide them some relief from their persistence schedules and enabling them to take a comfortable sleep as their schedule permits since a comfortable sleep is the most effective way of relaxation.”