Likee filters that can transport you to a virtual unseen world

We have a never-ending love for nature. A bright sky or rosy sunset, pretty rainbow, soothing water stream and other natural sights make our day in an instant. Thanks to smartphones and social media, today, we can capture the special moments that we spend amid nature and also share the same on social platforms. Unfortunately, in the ongoing lockdown triggered by Coronavirus scare, humans have to stay inside their homes. But we have a solution in hand for those who miss being surrounded by natural beauty.

Likee, a pioneering global short video creation platform by Singapore-based BIGO Technology, has some fantastic AR filters that can get you closer to nature, at least virtually. Likee’s nature-related features which are listed below, along with other filters, will make you experience a deep connection with technology like never before. These nature-related filters under the SUPERME section of Likee will not only enable you to experience the natural elements but also engage with them.

Superzoom: Did you know that you can buy a piece of land on the Moon? Many celebrities have purchased a portion of lunar land for themselves. But whether or not you wish to buy some for yourself, you can still find yourself on this divine looking natural satellite. Simply, apply Super Zoom filter of Likee that shows the Moon at first and keep zooming in until the user’s photo is discovered on the Moon! Don’t believe us? Try it yourself and also share with your friends for fun!

Pick the sun: Forget picking up, no one can even go near to this star with 5600o C temperature! But in the universe of Likee, you CAN pick the sun. Not only that, once picked up you can see the photo of desired person there! You can choose to upload your photo or the photo of the person you love the most – after all, they are the centre of our lives!

A meteor shower for you (with Aurora lights): Sighting of a meteor is a rare occasion. So much so that people consider it a lucky moment to spot a shooting star or a falling star. With Likee’s meteor shower filter, you can place your photo in the sky and start the meteor shower on tap. The best part is that this unique shower is accompanied by the aurora light, which as also called Northern or Southern lights.

Rain magic: With this Likee filter, you become all-powerful to control the natural flow of rain. Yes, you can make it stop, move the droplets to move against the gravity and finally make the water flash your photo or a photo of a loved one. The filter also has a built-in song dedicated to love of your life!