Chaman Bhartiya School demonstrates skills acquired by students through new-age methods of learning amidst pandemic

Bengaluru: Chaman Bhartiya School (CBS), a “We Lead” curriculum-based digitally equipped K12 education institute organized a unique event to showcase the skills acquired by the students through Project-Based learning. At the event, hosted virtually, students shared their learning experiences through the various initiatives under Project-Based Learning (PBL).

In the PBL approach, the child is taught how to collect data, represent data, communicate and collaborate. This builds the 21st-century competencies in the child and boosts their confidence, strengthening their soft skills and behavioral skills which are important for a growing child. At Chaman Bhartiya School, PBL is woven around the UN sustainable goals. Children are given the choice to participate in the community service initiative that they are passionate about. During the event, four young panelists – Ronit from Grade 2, Arya from Grade 5, Nyneishia from Grade 6, and Jyotsna from Grade 3 presented their learnings on the different community issues that they tackled through the PBL initiative.

Speaking about mentoring these students for PBL, Deborah, Facilitator CBS says, ‘It was not the product but the process unfolding. There were 12 different projects and some could not be finished in 10 weeks time-frame. Not all the projects come to an end, some take time to reach the action phase some take time to develop from the discussion phase. Students themselves wanted be the change, and that is the biggest takeaway we have from the session’.