Chandigarh city uses Vehicle tracking applications and GPS enabled smart watches for waste collection drivers in its fight against Covid-19

Chandigarh: As soon as the first COVID positive case was reported in Chandigarh, the City started quarantine of all the persons who came in contact with the positive case. The quarantined persons are also being tacked through CVD Tracker App. Special provisions were made for serving Essential items to quarantined families.

Waste Collection: 15 vehicles with team of drivers and helper equipped with PPE kits were deputed for collection and transportation of waste from Quarantines households. Quarantined households were divided in four zones supervised by one supervisor each.

All the drivers of these collection vehicles wear GPS enabled smart watch under e- Human Resource Tracking Project (E-HRTS). The movement of all vehicles is tracked through these smart watches through a dashboard. The sole target of this tracking is to ensure that no Quarantined household should be left out.

Sanitization: Public places are being sanitized regularly. Sanitization of dense areas/ slums and mandis is being carried out using Drones.

Services to Urban Poor: Migrant-worker shelter has been set up in Village Maloya where precooked food is being served to the workers. For urban poor, the city government has tied up with civil society, private sector, restaurants and various donors for distribution of food, soap, sanitary napkins and ration through NULM and Vendor cell network.

Doorstep distribution to urban poor households:

Personal Hygiene kits (masks, sanitizers, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, soap, disinfectants such as Dettol, Savlon, etc.) by Association of Professional Social Workers and Development Practitioners (APSWDP)
500kg of dry ready to eat oat meal by Marico ltd, FICCI mobilised by APSWDP
Regular Pre-cooked food by Indian federation of United Nation Association Chandigarh Chapter since lockdown
14 days dry Ration (Wheat flour 10kg, pulses, sugar 1 kg each, mustard oil 1 litre, half kg detergent and 200gm pickles) in low income and construction sites by Citizens donation coordinated by Swarmani youth Associations
More than 30000 sanitary napkins distributed by MCC
Maintaining supply chain: Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh (MCC) has developed Google forms to identify requirements of shopkeepers and maintained supply chain by making it available to the distributors. The city identified and registered the vendors in various categories and used social media effectively to circulate the list with category of vendors (milk, groceries, fruit & vegetable, medicine, etc.) and vendors’ mobile number for each sector for home delivery.

Chandigarh Administration also tied up with various home delivery app-based vendors and big stores who deliver at home and circulated the numbers in wider public interest

Municipal Corporation in collaboration with Chandigarh Transport Undertaking also started delivering fruits and vegetables at neighbourhood level on regular basis. The service is available to all 12 lakh citizens and is being utilized across the city by over one and half lakh households.