With schools shutting down due to COVID-19, Bright tutee witnesses 225% surge in student engagement on its app

New Delhi: In the wake of the foreboding COVID-19 pandemic, the country is undergoing a complete shutdown of all public and private institutions, such as schools, colleges and coaching centers. In a bid to streamline this educational disruption and to continue the process of learning and knowledge dissemination, Bright tutee, India’s fastest growing edtech platform, has pulled all plugs to supplement the students loss of school time and everyday lessons.

To this end, the edutech player has extended free study content and exam preparation kits to all students until the crisis subsides. It has also partnered with the state education boards of Rajasthan, Haryana & Nagaland, launching its free digital learning app for all of their network schools. The compassionate move has been appreciated across all quarters, having brought much goodwill and traction to the unconventional edutech company.

The state of the art tech-driven online learning portal in their mission to furnish world class education at affordable prices to every Indian student has observed a whopping 225% increase in usage. Moreover the average time a student spent learning through the online learning portal grew by 3X in this period. Also, around one lakh students subscribed to the company’s live engagement Youtube channel to avail comprehensive learning classes from a faculty comprising the topmost teachers of the country.

The edutech company’s vision of providing world class education at subsidized rates to students hailing from remote and underprivileged parts of society has been richly rewarded, as more than 78% of students utilizing the cutting edge Bright Tutee app belong to tier2 and tier-3 cities.

Commenting on the new developments, Anant Goyal, Director and founder of Bright Tutee said,” the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire professional and educational world to an indefinite halt. With schools and colleges remaining shut, it was given that a student’s learning process would be severely affected, especially those from the remote and backward areas of the country.

We, at bright tutee, as conscious corporates and responsible citizens have taken the task of disseminating knowledge through our free digital learning app, to those who need it the most. We have received an overwhelming response from students and teachers from all across the country in recognition of our efforts. To see even a student coming from a low-income background get access to quality education in the wake of shutdown, is an immensely gratifying experience. We at Bright Tutee, have always believed in combining business with benevolence. “

The swiftly growing and unconventional new-age edutech player is winning hearts and acclaim from across the industry for its novel and thoughtful gestures. Its free learning app which has been a major hit with students as well as the teachers is captivating the imagination of pedagogical experts and edutech competitors across the country.