CIMP organised a webinar on “Entrepreneurship in the digital age: Targeting 2030”


A webinar was organized by Dept. of OB & HR in collaboration with Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, CIMP on “Entrepreneurship in the digital age: Targeting 2030”. Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Arya, Assistant Professor – Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Rabat Business School, The International University of Rabat, Morocco was the guest speaker. It was organized on April 15 and to grace the occasion, Prof. (Dr.) Jyoti Verma, Assistant Professor, CIMP was present as the keynote speaker.

Dr. Vikas has begun by expressing his thoughts and experiences about entrepreneurship now and the way of doing business in the future. He mentioned that digital entrepreneurship will be influencing marketing in the future to come. He raised awareness among the participants and suggested them to cop up with the evolving technological advancement.
Dr. Vikas has interacted with the CIMP students and discussed the various changes that are going to happen in near future. Speaking on this occasion, he expressed his views on meta-verse, that in the next 5 to 10 years, more brands will join the metaverse. It was an interactive and informative session. The students also showed keen interest in this discussion by asking many questions which were well attended by Dr. Vikas Arya.

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