Webinar to celebrate Dr Ambedkar’s birth anniversary


Aligarh : Deliberations on Dr B R Ambedkar’s continuing intellectual legacy and the lessons for today in the idea of democracy he envisioned for India, set the tone and tenor of the webinar on ‘Bharat Ratna, Dr B R Ambdekar’s Perspective on Constitutional Democracy; Still Relevant in Present Scenario’.

The online programme of the Dr Ambedkar Chair of Legal Studies and Research, Department of Law, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) was held to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar.

“Dr Ambedkar worked to embed the objectives of liberty, equality and fraternity and the concept of dignity of the individual at the heart of the Constitution”, said Prof Mohammad Tariq in the keynote address.

Stressing on Dr Ambedkar’s focus on political, social and economic categories of democracy, he emphasised: “Dr Ambedkar wanted people to abandon the grammar of anarchy, shun hero-worship, and to embrace social democracy — a value that recognises liberty, equality and fraternity as the principles of life and encouraged the acceptance of the Buddhist concepts of Sangha and Maitreyi”.

“Dr Ambedkar’s inclusive idea of ‘development for all’ — stemming from his deep social insight — sets him apart and lends him an undying relevance even today. He had a profound realisation about the necessity of pluralistic development for the community at large”, added Prof Tariq.

Quoting from Dr Ambedkar’s writings, Prof Tariq said that he viewed democracy not just merely as a form of Government, but as an attitude of respect and reverence towards fellowmen.

“Democracy is not a gift of nature, but it arises through the habit of social living and serves the functions of emancipation and welfare of the people living under it”, he emphasised.

Prof Javaid Talib (In-Charge, Dr Ambedkar Chair of Legal Studies and Research) provided webinar participants with an overview of Dr Ambedkar’s achievements and contributions and his ideas for social change in constitutional democracy.

Prof Mohammad Ashraf (Dean, Faculty of Law) extended the vote of thanks.