Classplus launches the ‘True Freedom for Content Creators’ campaign with it’s brand partners to commemorate Independence Day

~Brand partners conduct masterclass on content monetization



Noida,: Classplus, an industry-leading e-commerce enablement platform for coaching centers, solo tutors and online content creators, launched ‘True freedom for content creators’ campaign this Independence Day. The campaign celebrated their partners and their journeys of attaining financial independence through Classplus. Brand partners like internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer Sudhir Shivaram, renowned fitness instructor Deepti Gaur-Sengupta and stock market maestro Siddharth Bohre, conducted Masterclasses on content monetization where they shared inside tips and expert advice for creators and encouraged them to explore their creative potential. They also talked about the importance of a personal brand and the freedom they have achieved through their own digital identity.


The masterclasses were 20-30 mins online sessions held live simultaneously over YouTube and Instagram of these creators from different creative fields like photography, stock trading, interview preparation, fitness, dancing, and many more where they talked about the challenges they faced trying to monetize their content and how they overcame them through an all-in-one platform like Classplus. They showcased how a digital brand powered by Classplus has empowered them to not just pursue their passions but also make money while doing it.


Talking about Financial Freedom, Prateek Chugh, Business Head – Market Expansion, Classplus said “Our aim is to provide freedom to the entire content creator ecosystem, and true freedom comes with financial independence and what better way to achieve it than through teaching the skills they have honed by putting years and years of efforts and discipline. The content educators design their own masterclasses(or courses) and we as partners empower them through our technological, strategic and analytical capabilities”


The advent of social media has paved new ways of becoming financially independent by creating and selling educational or entertaining content online. Internationally acclaimed wildlife photographers like Sudhir Shivaram have launched online professional wildlife photography courses and influenced his followers to explore this field which wasn’t as accessible or affordable to them in the past. Deepti Gaur-Sengupta from Berlin, Germany has left her IT job to become a full time fitness instructor. She has a channel with over 400k subscribers called “DanceWithDeepti” where she has merged fitness with fun and influenced her followers across the world to enjoy their fitness journey online through dancing. Siddharth Bohre, a full-time stock trader, started his content creation journey by creating videos on trading psychology and market analysis over his YouTube channel named “Stock School”. He recently started preparing courses on stock trading on his own app and is currently empowering hundreds of students every month to learn trading and achieve financial freedom for themselves.


Classplus allows such educators and content creators to run all their training, communication, assessments, payments, and student engagement programmes through a full-stack mobile solution. Empowered with an all-in-one tool, creators can set up their online store where they can sell courses based on their expertise. Moreover, their audience can access the content from anywhere, anytime, and learn the skill at their own pace. On top of the technical and analytical knowledge, Classplus also assists the creators with the right strategies and growth approach to better project their offerings.