CM .Vijay Rupani decided that third phase to Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan to be completed by 10th June, 2020

Chief Minister of the state Mr.Vijay Rupani has decided that the third phase of Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan shall take place between 20thApril, 2020 to 10th June, 2020. The state government shall undertake 14,694 works such as those related to MNREGA, water conservation efforts and those in collaboration with the public. The works will be worth ₹ 414 crores. These works will be undertaken in each and every district under the supervision of District Collector. The government’s will contribute 60% in all those works associated with public co-operation.

Secretary to CM Mr.Ashwani Kumar provided details of important decisions taken by CM amidst the COVID-19 crisis in Gujarat. He said, “ The norms issued by the state government for ensuring the safety of people amidst COVID-19 should be followed while undertaking works under SSJA-3. The CM has also said that the soil obtained after digging the ground under SSJA can be used by farmers, government works and other public works. The farmers can use this soil without paying any royalty. The farmers can also use the fertile soil in areas where water reservoirs, check dams etc have dried out. This soil can be used free of cost by the farmers after the approval from the concerned officer. The first two phases of the SSJA have been successfully completed.

The farmers have dug out 23,500 lakh cubic feet of soil which have increased water availability of Gujarat.” Mr. Kumar also talked about the decision of CM to ensure the welfare of farmers sowing Rabi crops. He said, “ The CM has announced that the purchase of wheat at MSP will take place from 27th April, 2020 to 30th May, 2020 at the godown of Gujarat State State Civil Supplies Corporation. The farmers shall be required to register for the same between 27th April, 2020 to 10th May, 2020.

The state government had initially announced the registration dates between 1st March, 2020 to 31st March, 2020 and the purchase dates were scheduled between 16th March, 2020 to 30th May, 2020. However, the dates were called off due to the nation wide lockdown arising due to COVID-19 crisis. 29,000 thousand farmers had registered by 23rd March, 2020. The government will start purchasing agriculture produce from these farmers from 27th April, 2020 keeping in mind the social distancing norms which will be followed throughout the purchase of the crops at the godown. The CM has also directed the department to ensure the provision of masks and sanitisers for farmers.” Talking about the CM’s decision to re-start industries and businesses from 20thApril, 2020 , the Secretary said, “27,800 industries have been given permissions

and 1 lakh 80 thousand labourers and workers have resumed their duties.” He also added that around 1 lakh 34 thousand 750 quintals of grains have been traded at 120 APMCs that have resumed since 15th April, 2020. This includes 85088 quintals of wheat, 37442 quintals of castor seeds and 4816 quintals of other grains. The CM had a telephonic conversation with the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to assure him complete support for the stranded fishermen of Andhra Pradesh in Veraval amidst the lockdown. The state government shall take care of their food, accommodation and health safety. In addition to that, the fishermen will also be allowed to go fishing in Veraval.