CME on Pharmacovigilance


Aligarh: Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Monitoring Centre, JNMCH, AMU, has been celebrating “National Pharmacovigilance Week” and as a part of it a CME on Pharmacovigilance was organized under PvPI, IPC, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India today.

Chief Guest Prof Rakesh Bhargava Dean faculty of Medicine, Principal & CMS, JNMC, AMU stressed the need of the Nationwide Pharmacovigilance Programme and role of clinician in ADR monitoring. He also encouraged clinician to report of all types of suspected adverse reactions with all pharmaceutical products irrespective of whether they are known or unknown, serious or non-serious and frequent or rare

Programme Coordinator Prof. Farida Ahmad emphasized the importance of ADR Monitoring and reporting. In her remark she said that all healthcare professionals including clinicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and non-healthcare professionals (patients/consumers) can report ADRs. It is a moral responsibility of all to report adverse reactions associated with pharmaceutical products to safeguard public health and help in improving patient safety.

In scientific session, Dr. Irfan Ahmad Khan, Assistant Professor & Deputy Coordinator, AMC, JNMC explain the role of ADR Monitoring Centre in Pharmacovigilance programme

Dr. Manoj, Senior Drug Safety Physician, Pharmalex India Pvt. Ltd., Noida talked about Signal Detection in Pharmacovigilance.

Prof. Kamran Afzal Chairman, Department of Paediatrics, JNMCH, talked on Significance of Pharmacovigilance in Paediatric Population

Dr BushraHasan Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology extended vote of thanks.

Dr Vibhu Pandey conducted the proceedings of the programme.