Coca-Cola India Foundation to Implement Integrated Waste Management Solutions in Partnership with SAAHAS, CHINTAN and HASIRU DALA

New Delhi: Coca-Cola India Foundation, Anandana, has announced establishment of integrated waste management infrastructure along with SAAHAS, CHINTAN and HASIRU DALA, which also includes setting up of Material Recovery and Segregation Facilities (MRFs). The partnerships will also drive social initiatives such as inclusion of informal waste sector into a formal one, raising awareness of source segregation, influencing attitudinal changes in waste disposal, and protection of natural habitats among others.

Inadequate source segregation is one of the major roadblocks that hinders recycling. Burning of unsorted solid waste can also aggravate air pollution. Anandana along with various NGO partners is supporting the creation of new infrastructure for material recovery including PET and composting of wet waste. The facilities will be set up at multiple locations in Delhi/NCR, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka in India.

Ishteyaque Amjad, Vice-President- Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, said, “Waste generation rates are expected to increase more than two-fold by 2025 in urban India, largely driven by rise in incomes and growing urban populations. Together, with our partners, we want to encourage self-sustaining ventures within decentralized waste management. These partnerships are aligned with our vision of creating a ‘World Without Waste’ to collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of our packaging by 2030.”

Divya Tiwari, CEO – SAAHAS said, “We are excited about our continued partnership with Coca-Cola towards solving the problem of waste through source segregation, resource recovery and recycling. Decentralized Waste Management is an integral part of taking this journey forward in a sustainable manner and we’ll develop new ways of optimizing the process.”

Bharati Chaturvedi, Founder & Director – CHINTAN added, “Partnerships are key for development and one which includes waste pickers are key to the burgeoning waste crisis. The project provides an opportunity to waste pickers to have access to waste from households and help the municipality by conforming to the guidelines prescribed under Swachh Bharat. The North Delhi Municipal Corporation has generously extended their support and made available the space for a material recovery facility which will be key in providing a decentralized solution. ”

Ms. Nalini Shekar, Co-Founder – HASIRU DALA, said, “Plastic recycling is critical for environment sustainability and we are delighted to join hands with Anandana to establish a sustainable community through integrated plastic waste management solutions. We will be closely working with multiple key stakeholders to create occupational identity for waste pickers as well as help these groups get financial and social benefits they deserve.”

The efforts will also focus on creating frameworks for sustainable community-led approach and spreading awareness among the waste workers, scrap dealers and local administration.