Collaboration between CUTM , TAFE Commission of New South Wales of Australia

Bhubaneswar: A new and very important milestone has been achieved with the signing of MoU for collaboration between Centurion University and TAFE-NSW of Australia in 2016.  Centurion University and TAFE-NSW through this agreement are exchanging knowledge and the best practices in technical vocation education & training especially focused on integration of skill development with mainstream education.
TAFE New South Wales is the largest group of TVET (Technical Vocational Education & Training) institutes of Australia with over 500,000 students across the globe imparting high quality & industry relevant technical & vocational education in sectors such as automotive, healthcare, construction, hospitality, beauty and wellness, business & management, aboriginal studies among others. The collaboration between the two institutions, i.e. CUTM and TAFE NSW centers on collaborative learning, identifying best practices is skill training and development of curricula especially in the context of taking TVET to aboriginal & tribal communities.
Both the parties have expressed willingness to facilitate co-operation in following areas over the next five years:
1. Jointly plan, deliver and evaluate vocational training in India.
2. Build the capacity of CUTM students to compete in global world skills competition.
3. Provide opportunities for students and staff exchange programmes.
4. Explore industry partnerships for the benefit of both the organizations.
5. Provide certification of Australian Qualification Framework for Indian Vocational Students.
6. Any other areas as may be agreed by both the parties.
TAFE gets funding support from Australian Federal Government each year for worldwide collaborative learning through reputed institutions of excellence. This year, out of hundreds of applicants, only six were selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Federal Govt. of Australia through TAFE and Centurion University is one among those six institutions.
Both TAFE and Centurion University shall share expertise on best practices for training youth from Indigenous communities.
Last year in December 2016, a 5-member team from Gram Tarang, Centurion University visited the TAFE-NSW to experience and learn their way of skill training and delivery. In return, a 5-member team from TAFE-NSW consisting of Ms Catherine Mary Baxter, Institute Director, Mr Rodney Towney, Director, Aboriginal Education, Ms Connie Ah See, Head Teacher, Aboriginal Studies, Mr Matthew White, Head Teacher, Construction and Ms Tracy Goodwin, Head Teacher, Aboriginal Health are visiting Centurion University.
Centurion University is the youngest University in the country to have been accorded Grade-A by NAAC and 12(b) status by the UGC and widely acclaimed as a leader in the field of skill training. The education model of Centurion University has been commended by the Committees of Chief Ministers of Niti Ayog in the report on Skill Development published mid-last year. Centurion’s model has earned outstanding accolades from and been cited eloquently in national and international forums such as, the UN General Assembly (2012), UNESCO, The times Higher Education, The New York Times, World Bank British Council, etc.
During the short span of 6 years Centurion University has imparted employment-linked skill-training to 86,000 school dropout youth from socio-economic marginalized communities in various trades. By 2022 Centurion aims to provide vocational training to 100,000 youths per annum. To achieve this challenging goal, Prof Mukti Mishra, Chairman Gram Tarang & President Centurion University with a young, energetic & committed team is working uncompromisingly and relentlessly towards building a better tomorrow for the common man of India.