Competition for innovative projects for the Arctic

The organizers invite authors of business ideas, scientists and inventors, entrepreneurs who have innovative developments for the Arctic region to participate.
Innovative projects for the Arctic zone of Karelia will receive support from the republican venture fund in the search for technology partners and funding. The Republic’s Venture Investment Fund, with the support of the Innovation Promotion Fund, is holding the Arctic Startup competition.

Applications are accepted until October 15.

The competition is held in seven directions:


Digital technologies
Medicine and health technologies
New materials and chemical technologies
New devices and intelligent manufacturing technologies
Resource-saving energy
New educational technologies.

The organizers invite entrepreneurs, authors of business ideas, scientists and inventors who have innovative developments for the Arctic region to participate.


The jury of the competition will select the best teams for the presentation of projects at the demo day. It will take place on October 29th. The authors of the projects presented at the demo day will be able to apply for venture funding of up to 10 million rubles from the Venture Investment Fund of Karelia and a grant of up to 7 million rubles from the Fund for Assistance to Innovations under the Start-2 program. The Karelia Venture Fund will help finalize projects and prepare presentations.


At the demo day, the teams will get acquainted with the enterprises of the Arctic zone, which can become technological partners or investors for them. The projects selected at the demo day will receive an invitation to the business accelerator, which will take place in the fall of 2021.


You can submit an application for participation in the competition until October 15 on the website of the Karelia Venture Capital Fund .


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