Training camp on sports programming will be held at PetrSU

The annual summer international training camp on sports programming will be held in PetrSU online on August 21-31.
One of the organizers of the camp, Roman Vladimirovich Soshkin , Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics, said:

In the online format, the training camp is being held for the third time, in the summer of 2020 and in the winter of 2021 the training camp was held remotely. As before, the guys will solve problems every day to prepare for the World Cup final.

It is not difficult to carry out fees regardless of the format. If you just start, then there are a lot of questions and problems, but if you do it many times, then everything goes on a knurled one. All this is thanks to Vladimir Alekseevich Kuznetsov, who at the first stages set everything up and made it so that now for the university it is practically an “ordinary” event, since everyone knows what needs to be done, and the process is debugged. Of course, there is a lot of work, but all of it is familiar.

The camp program includes five-hour competitions, debriefing, cultural and sports events. Contests (tasks) of various types and difficulties were developed by the winners and prize-winners of the World Programming Championships.

The winners of the training camp will be determined by the final rating for solving the largest number of problems in the allotted time. With an equal number of tasks, the higher will be the one that did it faster. For all problems, the authors conduct analysis of solutions, the participants can consolidate this knowledge and “finish” unsolved problems.

Russia will be represented by teams of such universities: PetrSU, Moscow State University, MIPT, St. Petersburg State University, ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University, UrFU, SSU, etc.

Representatives of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, China are expected from foreign participants.


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