Consul General US Shri Ranz pays visit to Governor Tandon

Bhopal:The Governor Shri Lalji Tandon was called on by the Consul General of US Shri David Ranz at Raj Bhavan. Discussions pertaining to trade and investment in Madhya Pradesh took place on this occasion.

The Governor Shri Tandon said that there is a wide scope of trade and investment in the field of herbal medicine in Madhya Pradesh. Necessary raw material in abundance is available for this in Madhya Pradesh. He further mentioned that along with commercial benefit this sector will prove helpful in social change too. He said that the tribal community of the state possesses a unique heritage of medicinal plants and handicraft. Efforts are being made by the government for its conservation. Shri Tandon mentioned that efforts to improve quality of education and expansion in the field of higher education are ongoing constantly in the state.

On informing about passion of American students in large number towards education in Hindi by Consul General Shri Ranz, the Governor informed that the rich heritage of Indian Education Tradition holds a special place in the world. To take this heritage forward, efforts are being made through Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya. He further stated that Hindi holds a special status in the most spoken languages of the world. He said that when he was Governor of Bihar, he made efforts for re-establishing prestige of knowledge and philosophy through Indian education system. The glory of the first university of the world Nalanda was revived. Shri Tandon said that the Indian economy has become part of the world economy today. In accordance, wide scale reforms have been done in trade and investment. Results of revolutionary reforms in industry friendly policies, development of fundamental structure and system along with trade and investment have started yielding results. Today, there is an environment of enthusiasm in every sector in the country, he added.

The Consul General Shri Ranz lauded the works being done in the field of higher education in the state. He proposed cooperation to the state in this field.