Cortex Logic Grows Outreach Programme with Local Universities in Cape Town

Cape Town: South African based Artificial Intelligence Software & Solutions provider, Cortex Logic, Grows Outreach Programme with Local Universities in Cape Town.

Cortex Logic is an African Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software and Solutions company that helps businesses thrive in the Smart Technology Era. We work across multiple business and industry domains seeking to augment and automate legacy processes, ultimately transforming them into intelligent systems, using the Cortex Logic AI Engine. We leverage a unique AI Engine for Business that solves strategic and operationally relevant problems by unlocking the value offered by the 4th Industrial Revolution and by mobilizing Data Science, Internet of Things (IoT), as well as Big Data and Analytics.

Dr Jacques Ludik, recipient of the AI Leader of the Year 2019 award and Cortex Logic Founder, Managing Director and Group CEO recently attended the Stellenbosch University Computer Science Prize-Giving that saw Cortex Logic sponsoring the award for Best Honours Student and Best Honours Project. He also attended the Stellenbosch University LaunchLab Mini Hackathon, where he chatted with students about career opportunities within the AI arena, as well as how the 4th Industrial Revolution is impacting and shaping education in South Africa. Dr Ludik said, “Industry support and engagement with academia is key, especially in the fast-moving world of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science. It’s refreshing to see so many talented graduates coming out of the South African University system. There has never been a better time to study Mathematics, Data Science, Computer Science or Electronic Engineering as these skills are and will continue to be in high demand in our industry.”

Dr Nick Bradshaw, Chief Marketing Officer of Cortex Logic, who also attended these events and recently gave a lecture to UCT Computer Science students on a similar theme, said, “Right now, Cortex Logic is recruiting and onboarding a range of new hires including Technical Business Analysts, Agile Project Managers, Data Scientists and Software Developers. Tech Graduates with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science skill sets are going to find it easier and easier to land a job, as we see adoption of these technologies by industry take off exponentially. Students need help understanding what the next steps after graduation looks like – beyond simply applying for a job and hoping they’re successful.”

Dr Ludik concluded, “We encourage more industry support for initiatives like this. It’s key that academia and industry work together to create a pathway for graduates into the world of work. Helping graduates understand the pathway to landing a new career after graduation is crucial – we need to give them the resources and platforms. It’s about more than just advertising a job on a careers portal or within digital communities. The traditional job ‘pull model’ works but we are intentional about fostering the “push model” which will involve regular community development and after-hour engagement, continuous university outreach, award sponsorship and prize support, as well as access to bursaries and internships. These additional elements are much more common in Europe and USA, where the integration between industry and academia is much more cohesive. New ideas for the next African Unicorn are being incubated in the young minds of tomorrow today and, as industry leaders, we need to help grow and support this activity. Job and business creation in the 4th Industrial Revolution in Africa is going to be a massive stimulus for employment, economic and societal growth and we all need to play a part and support academia.”