Crown India Raj Gas Oxygen filling station owner thanks LG Manoj Sinha for mention in Radio Talk Show ‘Awaam Ki Awaaz’


Srinagar: The owner of Crown India Raj Gas, Manu Rana has thanked the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Manoj Sinha for mentioning them in the monthly Radio programme ‘Awaam Ki Awaaz’ and recognizing their efforts in fighting the pandemic COVID-19.

Last week, Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha in his monthly Radio talk dedicated the programme to corona warriors who are at the forefront in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic across the Union Territory and appreciated their efforts in dealing with the situation while putting their lives at risk.

Lieutenant Governor during the programme recognized the work of Crown India Raj Gas and appreciated them for their services in present times.

“The approach of Lieutenant Governor and his office, asking for our well being and any kind of facilitation has doubled our energy in fighting this virus”, owner of Crown India Raj Gas, Manu Rana said.

He added that the genuine and humane approach of the Lieutenant Governor has boosted the morale of our staff and we will work with more enthusiasm on the ground and we will certainly win this battle against covid-19.

The company has kept a simple procedure for filling of gas as well as cylinders, he says. “One needs to get registered at our control war room and after registration we give them cylinders or fill old cylinders and those who are unable to pay we provide them free cylinders”, Manu Rana said.

Our company provides constant services of fitting, filling as well as repairs, he adds. “We provide services through video calling also so that the distressed families do not have to come out in these present times”, he remarked.


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