CuriousJr initiates a new plan for coding in vernacular languages


New Delhi CuriousJr, a mobile-based coding education platform for K12 students that offers students to learn code through mobile phones who do not have access to laptops, steps into the market with prevalent languages like Telugu and Tamil in the month of September. The app had previously been provided to learn to code in English and Hindi, now CuriousJr wanted to focus on users in the south as well.


Approximately 40k students are currently learning in the southern states, and the number is steadily rising. The future objective is to broaden the mode of communication in other languages as well. CuriousJr assists in presenting their education mode in vernacular language as teaching in the native language is an easy method, helps the students learn faster. This step is a successful part of the vision to continue the emphasis on education with ease of access that CuriousJr has maintained since its inception.


Launching the curriculum in the user’s native language has always been a more detailed overview for CuriousJr, which is continuing as a success, and this approach will assist the users to understand the topics in a better way.



Clearing more about the aim of the plan, Mr. Mridul Ranjan Sahu, the co-founder of CuriousJr expressed, “As an educational platform, CuriousJr constantly looks for the most convenient approach for students to receive a high-quality education. Since over 70% of customers prefer to learn in their mother tongue, we anticipate launching a few more vernacular languages in the near future, including Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, and Oriya.



Recently, the upgraded edition of CuriousJr’s application, entitled “CuriousJr pro,” has also come with more extensive educational programs and plans in addition to the recently launched language curriculum. The currently given propositions needed the additional aim for the future which was fulfilled with the plan of CuriouJr pro and the launch of the languages.

At the moment, 88% of K–12 students do not have access to a laptop or desktop, necessitating mobile solutions in order for children to learn to code. Moreover, as 79% of students in the country study in their mother tongue, learning solutions in local languages are crucial for ensuring an efficient educational system all throughout the nation. Since its release in September 2020, the app has amassed 1.5Million+ installs and 250,000+ monthly active users.