Cyber ​​training at PetrSU

in PetrSU were held cyber training, a master class on methods of detection, analysis and elimination of the consequences of computer attacks.
The event was organized by the Infoline company, the largest supplier of integrated solutions in the field of information security in the Republic of Karelia and other regions of the Northwestern Federal District. Cyber ​​training was organized on the basis of the AMPIRE training platform. The participants of the master class were students of the School of Information Security of PetrSU.

The event was opened by Alexander V. Tsoppe, Deputy Director of Infoline LLC, and Sergey Albertovich Kiprushkin, Deputy Director for Development of the Regional Center for New Information Technologies (RCNIT) of PetrSU. The master class was conducted by a group of trainers from the company led by Andrey Sergeevich Petrov, head of the Information Security Incident Monitoring and Response Center “Infoline”.

The workshop participants formed two teams: a monitoring group and a response group. Teams were provided with teaching materials:

ViPNet IDS NS Intrusion Detection System User Guide;
The logical diagram of the model of the corporate network of the enterprise;
Access settings for virtual machines inside the AMPIRE platform, site administration panels, network equipment;
Description of the actions and qualifications of the offender (script legend).
According to the scenario, the teams had one goal: to protect the corporate portal from an internal intruder.

As part of the cyber training, the participants worked out the skills:

detecting computer attacks;
investigation of incidents;
protection of enterprise infrastructure;
Each participant was presented with certificates of completion of the cyber training.

The Scientific Library of PetrSU acted as a platform for conducting cyber-training.