‘Cyber Jaagrookta Divas’ at AMU


Aligarh : Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) students were apprised about the ways to prevent a wide range of cyber crimes such as phishing, credit card and debit card frauds, impersonation and identity theft, spamming and data breach among others in a special awareness session of the Centre for Skill Development and Career Planning held to observe the ‘Cyber Jaagrookta Divas’.

“A minor lapse in managing our digital lives can open the door to cybercriminals. So it is extremely important to know ways to prevent cybercrimes”, said Prof Naima Khatoon (Director, Centre for Skill Development and Career Planning).

She informed: “This session on cyber crimes is the first among the series of more programmes scheduled to take place for developing insight on cyber hygiene and safety measures for prevention of online crimes. Each of these sessions will provide the students with an understanding of how to spot fake apps, fake news, ATM scams and other online threats”, informed Prof Naima.

“We continuously work for women empowerment and for raising awareness on socially relevant topics, necessary for students to access social media and e-Commerce in a safe and secure manner,” said Prof Naima.

Afreen Khan, Guest Instructor of Computer Training Programmes, Centre for Skill Development and Career Planning shared tips on the prevention of cyber phishing, cyber stalking, cyber obscenity and identity theft.

She answered queries of students in the interactive session.

Maryam, Guest Instructor of Web Designing and Publishing Course delineated Internet ethics and addiction and kinds of online threats and fraud.

Student Counsellor, Dr Samreen Hasan Khan conducted the programme in which a total of 120 students of the Centre for Skill Development and Career Planning and Women’s College were present.