Davies & Associates establishes Debt Collection & Bankruptcy Practice to Support Indian Businesses facing Covid-I9 Downturn


Davies & Associates has helped hundreds of Indians establish or expand their businesses to the United States over the past decade. Now the firm is adapting its service provision to help these businesses through the Coronavirus-related downturn.

D&A’s Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Group targets not only Indian-diaspora business in the United States, but also businesses in India that might need support collecting debts anywhere in the world. With offices all around the world, D&A is able to help with debt collection in countries as far afield as Italy and Japan.

“Indian businesses deserve to be paid for the goods and services they have already provided in good faith” said D&A’s global chairman Mark Davies. “Dealing with a different business culture, especially one as complex as the United States, can be a challenge, so it is important to seek help from a reliable law firm which understands both Indian and American business practices.”

D&A has already successfully helped Indian firms collect international debts. For example, an internationally renowned fashion-design company was owed a large sum of money from a New York based clothing retailer and design company. With manufacturing headquarters in India, the client successfully engaged Davies & Associates for settling the outstanding debt, and to successfully represent the US subsidiary interests with regards to the breach of contract.

D&A’s creditor services are also available to Indians seeking payment of debt domestically, within India. The firm has a team of Indian associates, as well as offices in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore to service our Indian clients.

“By engaging with an attorney at an early stage in this downturn, Indian businesses and entrepreneurs are able to explore all their options globally and come out the other side intact,” Mark Davies said, “The Indian clients I speak to are surprised at how much support is available in the United States, and, if anything, it is spurring people to act on their plans to expand their business there.”

There are multiple options for Indians looking to open a business in the United States. D&A has helped hundreds of Indians move their businesses and their families to the United States on L-1 visas, E-2 visas and EB-5 investor “green card” visas.