Deepika can go wherever she wants to go. she knows what is best for her: Kangana Ranaut

Hyderabad: The Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut visits Hyderabad. She was on an invitation from the FICCI Ladies Organisation. Before her interaction “Let’s get Candid with the Queen of Bollywood” with FLO members, she interacted with the media along with Sona Chatwani, Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad.

Because of her never say die attitude, the struggle she has gone through, living life on her own terms, we chose to invite Kangana for the interaction with our members to draw some inspiration from her. Kangana is invited as part of our theme for the year: “Reframing Women Empowerment”. We have been organising programs in line with the theme this year on rebooting, reconnecting and reinventing with meaningful events, capacity building workshops and skill development initiatives, Sona Chatwani said speaking at the press conference.

Participating in the press conference replying to a question on Deepika, going to JNU and extending solidarity, Kangana said it is a fundamental right of Deepika to go wherever she wants to go. It is her democratic right. She knows what is best for her.

There are two sides to the story. It is a gang war between two student groups. Let’s not give a political colour to it and make it a national issue she said.

When asked what connects her to Hyderabad she said Pearls, which She said she had a lot of them.

I can’t resist Hyderabadi dishes such as Aandhra Rasam, Biryani, Bagara Baingan, Coconut Payasam she said.

He conversation with Janice Sequeira began by her asking rapid-fire questions. Sona Chatwani also asked a few questions. Janice asked if she had taken any 2020 new year resolution. For which Kangana said, when people do not reciprocate the way I have done to them, it spoils my mood for the day. I decided not to let that happen.

Revealing her embarrassing nickname, Kangana said “Ganju” as called by her father

For Panga that she can’t take up with any, Kangana said her nephew. Whatever he asks for it, it happens.

When in soup who does she approach? Nobody, she said. When in the soup you know better than anyone else. But if the soup is yet to happen or yet to come, then we can consult some as there is some time for that Kangana said

The film which she had seen repeatedly several times was Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, directed by Kundan Shah.

The quote she lives her life by she said is “honesty is the best policy”

She would like to dine with Madhubala if she is allowed to dine with any legend living or dead

Though I am trained in writing and directed a movie, I prefer the director role than writing. Director role demands all-round leadership, mentoring. I love the nature of the Director job, the self-made artist Kangana revealed.

On what changes she wants to see in film production, Kangana said, in the west, the biggest blockbusters like Titan, Jurassic Park are shot in just 70 or 80 days flat. But in Bollywood, it takes years together. The more you are on sets, the more the production cost goes up she opined.

It took me 7 to 8 years to adjust to Mumbai. Mumbai is very unfriendly to strangers. It has many layers. It took me so many years to get my rhythm with Mumbai and to find my space Kangana Ranaut shared.

Kangana being herself a successful actress, why did she choose to go to New York to learn Screen Writing? In India, a lot of people take their jobs granted. Even if you are successful, still you are a learner. There is a student in every one of us. Let that student not die she said.

On why she is not to be seen on Social Media, Kangana said it is a virtual world. A different world indeed. I am already struggling to manage one world that I am in. I can’t manage both worlds. Social Media demands a lot of time. And I don’t have so much time she said.

Instagram is personal, but it is about photographs. You need to click a lot of pictures. I don’t think I am for that she added.

Every day is different. This is what makes me brave she revealed her personality traits.

On advice to young and budding stars planning to enter film industry, she explained to build a career as a Doctor or Lawyer you invest several years to gain skills. But, you want to be a star overnight in the film industry. Acting needs talent and skills. Build them in you, she explained in her 45 minutes of interaction.

More than 700 FLO members and their guests attended the interactive session.

Hailing from a small town Bhambia in Himachal Pradesh, the 33 years old actress built her career path against many odds. From modelling, she entered into films in the year 2006.

Her initial years in the film industry were marred with difficulties. I was unprepared to be an actress, Kananga shared in many press interviews in the past.

In her film career spanning well over 14years, she has many films to her credit. She won film awards including National Film Awards. She experiences many ups and downs, successful and flop films.

Kangana received a lot of applause and praise for the biopic film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. It became a box office hit. She carried Manikarnika solely on her shoulders. She co-directed and played a lead role in the film. The patriotic film based on the life of Rani Laxmi bai of Jhansi was a great hit. According to reports already published, Manikarnika hit Japanese theatres this month which is a bright start of the new year for Kangana.

Leaving aside her bold opinions, stands, statements, controversies, there are few interesting things about Kangana. Be comfortable in your skin, nobody can hurt you against your will. No matter what is your accent is, your thoughts define you. She follows her dreams. She has a never give up attitude. She is a continuous learner. She doesn’t mince words to air her free and frank opinions. She is bold and beautiful. She is a multi-talented–model, the actress, studied screenwriting and a director. She is the most sought after actress in India today.

Some of her films include Gangstar, Life in a Metro, Fashion, Tanu Weds Manu, Queen,

Her latest movie, Panga is all set to hit screens on 24th January. Directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari the movie features Kangana Ranaut, Jassi Gill, Neena Gupta and Richa Chadha as lead characters. Hyderabad wishes her latest movie a great success.