ICMG Brings Global Architecture Rating for Artificial Intelligence Enabled Systems and Solution to India


ICMG India is excited to offer Architecture Rating for Artificial Intelligence-driven systems, solutions, tools, etc. As part of this service, it will also run an annual AI Architecture Rating & Excellence program. Nominations are invited for the 2020 India edition of the AI Architecture Rating & Excellence program and the winners will be announced in April 2020.

In recent years AI or Artificial Intelligence has been shaping up as a collection of technologies that can be very effectively used in the Digital Transformation journey of Enterprises. Realizing the importance of AI in today’s economy, ICMG felt that there is a real need to assess and provide Ratings for Architecture work of AI Projects in India.

The Assessment & Ratings Process will happen in four stages – three Off-Site and a final one, on-site at the AI Architecture Summit in Bengaluru. The assessment also includes a Video Interaction with the Jury Members.

Evaluation is based on around 100 parameters, which are grouped into 14 categories. The critical evaluation parameters include the rating of problem complexity, stakeholder concerns management, perceived business benefits, well-defined architecture-centric process, business process improvement, application models, data models, network models, governance model, innovation characteristics, etc.

Companies can submit the projects wherein AI is used to boost efficiency, automate processes, create new products and services, or improve the customer experience, predicting customer churn, processing of online reviews, etc.

In the recently concluded Global Architecture Ratings in New York, experts agreed that Real Architecture is needed for Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Systems to function properly. The global experts also emphasized the importance of Cloud Architecture, Data Architecture (Big Data), and Security Architecture as an essential building block of the AI Architecture Reference Model.

The essential first step in developing these models are the Framework that is Enterprise Architecture – Ontological the structure that will be used by methodologies to develop this Architecture Views.

This program is open to all the industries and functions units (departments) such as Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, etc.

If your Enterprise has embarked on AI Journey with successful systems and solutions, it is the right time for you to be part of the ICMG AI Architecture Ratings & Awards program. This program will take place take place across India, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Mr. Sunil Dutt Jha, CEO of ICMG Global said “AI Architecture Rating program is a technology-neutral, peer level, jury driven assessment, and rating that provides an unparalleled opportunity for market recognition. It also provides a great opportunity for the project directors and senior management to gain insight into the strength & weaknesses of AI Architecture and thus minimize risk.”