Delegation of PetrSU completed its studies at the University “Sirius”

PetrSU is actively developing research and development in the field of intelligent robotics.
For such tasks, the Center for Artificial Intelligence of PetrSU attracts leading scientists and interested students from the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies, the Physico-Technical Institute, the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences.

A group of undergraduate and graduate students of Petrozavodsk State University, consisting of Nikita Leonidovich Remshu, Georgy Romanovich Safonov, Ksenia Andreevna Gladunova (first-year undergraduates of the Applied Mathematics and Informatics direction of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies), Alexander Vsevolodovich Baranovsky (first-year graduate student in the ” Instrumentation “Physics and Technology Institute), Rego Grigory Einovich (head of the group of students, 3rd year postgraduate student in the specialty” Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs “of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies) completed her training on the educational module robotics: navigation,autonomy and traffic control under communication constraints ”at the Sirius University.

During the second week of training, students were engaged in the development of machine learning, in particular, they taught the neural network to the game “Dino”, and also studied the basic algorithms for planning the movement of a mobile robot and mathematical models of robotics.

All representatives of PetrSU have successfully passed certification and received certificates of advanced training, as well as certificates of training.

The educational module left an extremely positive impression thanks to non-standard setting of tasks and informal communication between teachers and students. The trip to Lake Ritsa was remembered for the beautiful views of the mountains, rivers and the mountain lake itself,

– Georgy Safonov shared his impressions.

The program was quite difficult, but the past two weeks successfully gave a huge theoretical and practical experience, which helped to cope with practical tasks. Also, despite the high study load, there was time to visit such wonderful places as the resort of Rosa Khutor and Abkhazia,

– Nikita Remshu shared his impressions.

During the course of my studies, I have mastered a lot of things that I had never even heard of before. However, the structured presentation of the material by the teachers and the opportunity to ask them a question 24/7 played a role – the team and I successfully shared responsibilities and completed all laboratory work on time. In addition to studying, which took 80% of the time, I took a ride on a tourist train along the coast, and also visited the sights of Sochi,

– Alexander Baranovsky shared his impressions.

I really liked the robotics module program. In two weeks, both students and teachers became one big team. This atmosphere increased everyone’s efficiency and interest in learning. With special warmth I will remember the day of certification, when we and the teachers in a friendly atmosphere summed up the results,

– Ksenia Gladunova shared her impressions.

This is the second time I study at Sirius, so my impressions are largely a comparison with the previous module. This time the program was more applied in nature. This will make it possible to quickly apply the acquired competencies in scientific research of the Center for Artificial Intelligence of PetrSU. I believe that the organizers will be able to continue to keep the high bar that they have set, and I also hope that our cooperation will continue in the future and students from PetrSU will also take part in the next modules,

– Grigory Rego shared his impressions.

The management of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology and the Center for Artificial Intelligence highly appreciated such cooperation.

Interaction between universities is important for the development of higher education. Such educational programs promote the exchange of experience between students of various universities and allow them to be at the forefront of science. It is pleasant to realize that our students and postgraduates represent PetrSU with dignity at the all-Russian level,

– noted the director of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies Nina Yurievna Svetova.

R ootechnics is an important area of ​​activity for the Center for Artificial Intelligence of PetrSU. This year, a robotics laboratory was opened on the basis of the center. Equipping it with equipment is in progress. To implement projects in this area, the relevant competencies are required from the team of executors. I am very glad that the Sirius center, with which our university is actively cooperating, provided us with the opportunity to undergo training for employees in this important area for us,

– said the director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Alexei Georgievich Marakhtanov.

The Artificial Intelligence Center of PetrSU conducts advanced scientific research in the field of intelligent robotics. The competencies obtained at Sirius University in mobile robotics will undoubtedly find effective use. In particular, in the robots being developed at PetrSU, which are capable of autonomously (without explicit control from the human side) to move over a difficult territory and perform work on the study of this territory instead of a person.

– said Dmitry Zhorzhevich Korzun, Deputy Director for Science of the Center for Artificial Intelligence.