Dell Technologies Launches Student Internship Program 2.0 in Partnership With NITI Aayog

Bengaluru: Following the success of Student Internship Program 1.0 (SIP) and continuing to strengthen its partnership with NITI Aayog, Dell Technologies launches Student Internship Program 2.0 to help students embark on their journey of entrepreneurship through the internship program. The eight student teams who will be part of the internship are the top teams of Atal Tinkering Marathon 2018 and the beneficiaries of Student Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) 2.0 which was launched by Dell Technologies earlier this year.

In line with Dell Technologies’ commitment to build and prepare the future workforce, the Student Internship Program aims to support the students in their journey and help them transform from an innovator to an entrepreneur. Through this program, the students will gain practical and career-related experience to develop and increase self-confidence, comprehend the ethical practice of the business, related to the profession. The mentoring will help the students enhance their product viability; build Unique Selling Point (USPs) through the valuable feedback mechanism from the experts at Dell Technologies.

The internship program will have a series of sessions ranging from cognizant communication in entrepreneurship to Design Thinking, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence etc. Students along with their mentors will also undergo the testing process with their peers. Additionally, they will also participate in an experiential sharing sessions from the entrepreneurs of Student Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) 1.0.

“Dell Technologies believes in investing in young people will create, foster and sustain the spirit of innovation. We value our partnership with NITI Aayog and through this internship program, we will continue to empower youth and continue to transform the young innovators into entrepreneurs. The mentoring that will be provided during the internship will help students harness their creativity and be career ready. We look forward to conceptualizing more programs and initiatives focussed at driving innovation-led growth for the country.” said Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies India.

Ramanathan Ramanan, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission said, “The ATL Tinkering Marathon of Atal Innovation Mission is a nationwide challenge enabling great innovative talent from schools find expression through their innovations. The Student Entrepreneurship Program along with Dell Technologies enables the rapid transformation of the budding innovator to a budding entrepreneur through some world-class mentoring, workshops and advanced technology exposure. We are delighted to have a steadfast partner in Dell Technologies supported by LLF in this initiative, which every ATL Tinkering Marathon winner eagerly looks forward to participating in and learn from.”

This program will also focus on the financial aspect of a business to provide insights on establishing an organization and a virtual tour of the manufacturing factory for a better understanding of the production and supply chain management. The internship will help students to understand the aspects of a corporate setting including patents and investments. This understanding will enable them to innovate and build their product with more confidence and better clarity.
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