Placement Season at IIT Delhi Kicks Off on a Vibrant Note; Students Receive Over 300 Placement Offers

New Delhi: Placement season at IIT Delhi has started on a vibrant note on December 1, 2020. The period for companies to hold selection interviews for full-time hiring spans 6 months from December to May. Around 300+ national and international organizations offering 500+ job profiles across multiple sectors have already registered for hiring students as of now.

This year, the hiring processes are being conducted in a virtual mode due to the unprecedented global situation and the students have geared up for their interviews in a digital mode with innovative and newer patterns of interactions maximising the use of technology.
IIT Delhi, being the most employable institute in India (with a global ranking of 27th in the Employability Ranking 2020), is always keen to serve mutual interests of both our students and the recruiting organisations. The Office of Career Services (OCS), IIT Delhi facilitates the best opportunities for our students who are skilled in multivariate domains including course-work, extra-curricular activities, practical experience and much more.
OCS also provides a host of other services including test series, expert talks, workshops and seminars to help students make informed choices as well as help them prepare for the upcoming selections.
Given the situation this year a new company scheduling paradigm has been conceptualized for a smooth placement process. This is to create an optimum environment for both the recruiters and the students for a seamless selection process. Given the fact that all selection processes are being conducted in a virtual mode this year, the entire interview process would span a single day instead of multiple shifts unlike past years and many other campuses. What this translates into is that the spread of companies will be more across days. This process will give ample time to recruiters to make selection judgements to facilitate the right fitment both for students and recruiting organisations.
IIT Delhi students bagged over 300 placement offers including pre-placement offers (PPOs) by the end of the first day of the first phase of the placement season. Many students have also bagged multiple placement offers. Around 150 PPOs (including PPOs for International locations) have been received as of now and 13 students have opted for deferred placements facility of the institute. Deferred placements facility is available to students who wish to set up a start-up post their graduation. Students availing this option can avail placement services once for up to 2 years.
Top recruiters on the campus on December 1, 2020 in terms of number of students recruited included Microsoft, Intel, Goldman Sachs.
A few international recruiters have also registered like past years. Further, given the current situation with travel restrictions in many countries, many companies are primarily recruiting for domestic profiles as of now. These may convert to international offers if the situation changes.
Ms. Anishya Obhrai Madan, Head, Office of Career Services (OCS), IIT Delhi said, “We wish to thank and acknowledge all participating recruiting organisations for reposing their faith in our students. We are confident that given the new ways of recruiting and our scheduling paradigm; companies will be able to make good hiring decisions. At IIT Delhi, we strive to create a conducive environment for both recruiters and students being interviewed. Given this thought process, our scheduling paradigm attempts to maximise hiring numbers for the season rather than for a particular day.”
The internship hiring season at IIT Delhi for the academic year 2020-21, commenced in September 2020. Phase I concluded on a robust note with internship offers crossing 350+. This year international training offers were received from companies based in Hong Kong, South Korea and the US. Many students have also bagged multiple internship offers.
The efforts of the entire OCS team including staff, student coordinators and volunteers coupled with the industry players across multiple domains resulted in seamless conduct of the selection processes in a virtual mode.