In This Digital Era, Become A Cyber Hero with These Tech Courses


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“Building up pre-emptive measures through internet technology by learning and innovation is the best way to ensure the security of businesses.”

With the body of technological processes and practices, Cyber Security is designed to protect networks, data, and computers from damages, attacks, and unauthorised access.

According to a report from ITU, 51.2% of the global population connected to the Internet through laptops, PCs, mobile phones, and more in 2018. Countries such as India are emerging markets for the growing use of smartphones because of iwts affordability.

Thus, protecting more than half of the world’s population from significant cyber threats is a significant responsibility, for which we need an army of cybersecurity experts. While cybersecurity is a highly skilful work profile, the availability of cybersecurity courses makes it easier to train interested individuals, both freshers and experienced IT professionals with a particular skill set.

This being said, it takes extensive training and certifications to excel in particular skillsets.

In India, there is an immense increase in cybersecurity courses in Bangalore. These courses teach professionals to spot susceptibilities, defend attacks, and respond immediately to cyber emergencies. Here are a few popular cybersecurity certifications to consider

CISSP Certification

CISSP is an abbreviation for Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification. With this course, you can get expertise in defining the architecture and design, build, and maintain a secure business environment for organisations that use global approved internet security systems.

This certification is best suited for professionals like:

  • Security architects and auditors
  • IT managers and directors
  • Security system engineer
  • Network architects
  • Chief of Security System


Ethical Hacking Course Certification

CEH (certified ethical hacking) course provides learning on advanced methods used by hackers. The practise includes writing virus codes and reverse engineering methodologies to protect data breach. It helps master the same technologies that hackers use to penetrate network systems and leverage them ethically to protect your infrastructure.

The certification is suitable for:

  • Network security officers
  • IT analysts and managers
  • IT auditors and consultants
  • System engineer

Master Certification in Cyber Security (Red Team)

In India, it is the only cybersecurity course in Bangalore where professionals learn about invasive technologies. Red team specialists learn about threats and gaps in the network system and their mitigation strategy.

Specialists provide a realistic approach to understanding the network and find future risks and gaps through cutting-edge technology with hacker’s framework. They work closely with the Blue team to ensure a safe cyberspace. The certification is suitable for:

  • IT professionals
  • Network engineer
  • Cloud administrator
  • Cloud and software developer
  • Software analyst and tester


Cyber Security: Method of Protection (Blue Team)

The course of cybersecurity with methods of protection enhances your skills in defence against cyber hacks. The skills continuously grow towards learning and building a reliable network system and entire digital security infrastructure. Blue team specialists gain knowledge on the identification and mitigation of cyber-attacks while protecting digital assets.

The certification is suitable for:

  • Security engineer
  • System administrator
  • Information security consultant
  • Penetration tester
  • ISO and SQ tester

Learn from Industry Experts

India is amongst the rising countries where students and professionals show a keen interest in pursuing a career in the field of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity courses in Bangalore and other Indian cities provide an opportunity to develop the necessary skill sets.

These certifications, offered by reputable Indian Institutes such as Jigsaw Academy in collaboration with leading international organisations (for, e.g., HackerU from Israel) provide exposure to the latest technologies and methodologies so that you can learn from industry experts and thought leaders. Subsequently, you can hone your skills and secure a career in cybersecurity anywhere in the world.