Digital India week 2022 @ Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat (4th – 8th July 2022) – (Digital Mela)

The Department of Information Technology, Government of Bihar, is participating in the Digital India Week 2022 on the occasion of 7th Anniversary of Digital India, organized by MeitY from 4-8 July 2022, being held at Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.


Day 4 of the Digital India Week 2022 witnessed a great response in terms of footfall and the highlight of the day was eGovernance projects & initiatives taken by the Department of Information Technology, Government of Bihar. The Department of IT, Govt. of Bihar, stall visually demonstrated the classic structure with look and feel of Nalanda University, Bihar, (which is Considered by historians to be the world’s very first residential university and among the greatest centres of learning in the ancient world, the Nalanda University played a vital role in promoting the patronage of arts and academics during the 5th and 6th century, a period that has since been described as the “Golden Age of India” by scholars.) The amalgamation of classic structure with the modern day technology & Bihar’s vision of Good Governance through eGovernance that has led the state towards digital transformation & will pave the way to future ready Governance in the state. Additionally, it demonstrated how Good Governance has also created new opportunities for investors to come and invest in Bihar’s IT sector, as Bihar is emerging as an investment destination in the east.

Bihar pavilion setup by the Department of Information Technology, Govt. of Bihar received a great response and compliments not only from the visitors but also from the co-participants for being one of the best stalls and putting up a great show and showcasing the IT revolution in the state of Bihar.


Day 4 of Digital India Week 2022 was Start-up & Investment centric as a huge number of entrepreneurs and Angel investors were seen on one platform where the budding entrepreneurs got an opportunity to share their business ideas and innovation in the field of technology.


The Department of Information Technology, Bihar’s stall at the Digital India Week 2022 witnessed fabulous response by visiting dignitaries in (Digital Mela) & was marked by presence of esteemed delegates from the Government of India including Shri Santosh Kumar Mall, Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Govt. of Bihar, Shri Alkesh Kumar Sharma, MeitY’s Secretary & Shri Abhishek Singh, CEO MyGov, President & CEO NeGD, MD & CEO of Digital India Corporation (DIC) at the Bihar pavilion setup by DIT, GoB. Shri Amit Kumar Sinha, IPS, Director Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA), Govt. of Uttarakhand, Mr Suresh C Methi, Technical Director, MeitY, GoI, NIC Karnataka, Mr. Mitul Modesara, VP Sales & Development, Motadata, Mr Rajiv Kumar, Manager, Nixi India, Mr. Hrishikesh Singh, NeGD, India, Mr. Neelesh Kumar Soni Head SEMT, Chattisgarh, Mr Vijay Naresh Jatwani, BEN, Haryana, Ms Pooja Satawkar, Scientist – C NIC, also visited the IT Bihar’s stall. The esteemed guests praised and congratulated the Department of IT, Bihar for their commitment and dedication towards the goal of establishing Bihar as the next investment Destination in the East of India.


In a press conference with the local media Shri Santosh Kumar Mall, Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Govt. of Bihar, said, “the government of is advancing in the field of information technology by employing a diversified strategy to stimulate investment in the state. We are in the process of developing a new IT policy that will soon be implemented. It will likely be the most rewarding for investors, who stand to gain substantially in the IT sector of Bihar. As our ultimate objective is to develop Bihar as the next IT hub and IT investment destination in the east, we are working to make this a reality.”


Bihar’s ‘Invest IT Bihar’ campaign aims to encourage investors & entrepreneurs to invest in Bihar’s IT sector and to make this state a preferred investment destination in the eastern region. Bihar is on the way to becoming the next IT hub in the country, with infrastructure development going at a fast pace and offering IT / ITeS and electronics companies a great platform.


The Government of Bihar is taking progressive steps in the field of Information Technology by working with a multidimensional approach to encourage investment in the state.


Now that Bihar as a state is ready with adequate infrastructure and technological advancement, The Department of Information Technology, Government of Bihar is fostering Start-up culture by providing Flexible policies and customized support to Strat-Ups operational in the field of IT/ ITeS, Software Development & Hardware Manufacturing, ESDM (Electronics System Development and Maintenance) along with firms involved in Research & Development of IT/ ITeS Products & Services to attract investment in the state.