UNICEF and British Embassy Asuncion encourage young people’s commitment to the environment

Students participated in the 'Youth Challenge' organized by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) with the support of the British Embassy in Asuncion.

Five groups of students from Asuncion, San Lorenzo, Fernando de la Mora, Ciudad del Este and San Pedro participated of in a workshop where, with the help of mentors, they refined the projects they had previously developed. The workshop took place on the weekend of 25 June, 2022.

A jury composed of Antonieta Rojas de Arias and Alberto Yanovsky, members of the Scientific Society of Paraguay, evaluated and selected the two best proposals. These will receive UNICEF support for implementation. Rojas commented:

It has been really great because all the groups show a deep commitment to all the processes and to the conservation of biodiversity and the relationship between the community and the environment.

Yonobsky added:

The proposals are motivating. You come away feeling renewed because you see the energy young people have .

One of the selected projects proposes the creation of urban gardens in Luque to treat the grey water produced in schools, and at the same time produce organic food in a sustainable way. The other proposes the installation of rubbish bins and a compost bin to manage waste from three educational institutions in Guayaibi, department of San Pedro.

In the words of UNICEF Deputy Representative Viviana Limpias:

Paraguay is a country where there are many opportunities to do many things, but we as an organization cannot do it if it is not through you, through your creativity, through your strength.

We want to continue strengthening proposals like these and support you in your work and enthusiasm.

British Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission, John Davie said:

I was very surprised by the depth of knowledge the young people have on the issue of climate change.

The Youth Challenge aims to develop skills for employability and social impact, as well as to build confidence and empower youth. It is part of the “Generation Unlimited” global partnership, which aims to ensure that by 2030 all adolescents and young people have access to education, learning, training or employment to build a better future.

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