DPS RNE students visit Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya & get in terms with Experiential learning


DPS RNE organised an excursion trip to Pradhanmatri Sangrahalaya, inaugurated a few months ago in April 2022, for Humanities students of Class XI C and Class XII C.

The place, located at Teen Murti Chowk, holds a narrative record of the contributions of the 15 Prime Ministers toward the development of the nation and Indian democracy right from Independence to the making of modern India. At the place, the students got the opportunity to learn about the Experiential learning of concepts.

The trip’s objective was to expand students’ knowledge about the rich political history and institutional legacy of the architects of India’s past, present and future. The students also gained a comprehensive understanding of the working composition and historical/ political relevance of the post of Prime Minister.

Students also evaluated the policies of the different national governments in the context of national and International relations. They thanked the school for boosting their general knowledge of current affairs and a general understanding of Indian polity.

They also clicked a picture or shot a video with their favourite PM and pledged to make India a powerful country through hard work and efforts.

Mrs Pallavi Upadhyaya, Principal, DPS RNE, said, “It is a fundamental duty of students to be politically aware so that they can make well-informed decisions about the future of the country. Lack of political insight and understanding results in poor judgement. This trip was organised for Humanities students. It was also relevant for them from the subject point of view as they learn about different political movements and the mirage of developments that took place right through Indian political history and freedom struggle in their books. They will now be able to connect and relate more to what they are reading and studying and help them in gauging a more refined understanding of topics.”