Rishihood University launches two post-grad programs that instill Indic Consciousness too

New Delhi : In a bid to foster an Indic perspective in higher education, specifically in the field of Liberal Education and Leadership Studies, Rishihood University has brought forth two postgrad offerings that would incorporate, generously, components from the Indic Knowledge Traditions. Purposively designed, the PG Diploma in Leadership and MA In Interdisciplinary Humanities & Research aspire to fulfil Rishihood University’s mandate of “nation building through character building” in the sage ideal of Swami Vivekananda.


While the Rishihood PG Diploma in Leadership is running a second year after successfully placing 90% of its inaugural batch upon their graduation the previous academic year, the MA In Interdisciplinary Humanities & Research is an entirely new offering. The latter will introduce learners to a cross-section of the humanities discipline with a substantial research component at the end. At the visioning exercise of the course, a yawning gap in Indic scholarship had been acknowledged and the express need felt, for bringing up intellectual warriors who can secure the Bharatiya civilisational standpoint in the churning ferment of narrative warfare, pervasive identity politics, and perception management operations that characterise these times of post-truth.


The graduates of MA Humanities will train to become powerful articulators both in the written word and speech, creative problem-solvers with information-synthesising and analytical faculties, and critical thinkers who can engage with Western epistemes while deploying emic/Indic perspectives. The possible career paths for this graduate profile lie in higher academia, media, think tanks, and public intelligentsia. To help learners find their cultural and spiritual moorings, the course shall interestingly incorporate a vast reading resource – from the works of K C Bhattacharya, P V Kane, Sri Aurobindo, and Swami Vivekananda among others, in its syllabus.


The PG Diploma in Leadership on the other hand, promises dynamic unlearning, learning, and relearning through hands-on work in the specialisation fields of – Politics & Government, Development & CSR, Public Policy & Strategy, and Media & Culture. Designed critically for individuals looking to be purposeful and motivated in their action, the programme places a heavy emphasis on self-knowledge and self-mastery. At the end of the training, learners are expected to have developed – Jigyasa or the curiosity to delve deeper into yourself and the world, Chikeersha or the courage to take inspired action, and Anand or the bliss of being centred and aligned.


Both the newly launched MA and PGD programmes by Rishihood University are fully residential, utilising a Learning & Living model. The details of the programmes could be found on the university website.