Dr Imran Ahmad delivered Lecture on drug delivery system at AMU

Aligarh: Dr Imran Ahmad (Head, Scientific Advisory Board at Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Ahmedabad) and founder President and CEO of Jina Pharmaceuticals Inc, a US based drug company, delivered a lecture on “Drug Delivery Systems: Innovation and Challenges in Developing New Drugs” in the Department of Biochemistry (Faculty of Life Sciences), AMU.

Delivering his talk, Dr Ahmad underlined the significance of drug as an important remedy to enhance the quality of a patient?s life. He emphasized that the toxicity is a big challenge in drug discovery which can be overcome by nanosomal lipid suspension. With special reference to the delivery of nanosomal lipid suspension for breast cancer, he discussed the synthesis of endoxifen, active metabolite tamoxifen and compared its PKC inhibitory activity with that of tamoxifen, a widely used drug for breast cancer. Later, he answered queries by students during the interactive session.

Dr Ahmad, a reputed professional spearheading the lipid-based drug delivery systems in cancer therapy worldwide, has a post-doctoral work on targeting of long circulating liposome based Doxorubicin (Doxil®) at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. He has more than 90 publication and 60 patents to his credit.