Dr. Kiran Bedi Lectured on Management

New Delhi: KIIT College of Education and Navjyoti Foundation organized a lecture on Management for the students and teachers. The main objective of the lecture was to teach time management, self – development, discipline and dedication towards the work. Lt. Governor of Puducherry Dr. Kiran Bedi, was presented as a chief guest. She introduced the different aspects of leadership, discipline and hard work to the students.

While addressing to the students Dr Kiran Bedi said “time management plays an important role in succeeding any goal in our life. It helps in self development, discipline and dedication towards the work. Self-control and discipline are possible only through regular practice”. She added “Co-operation and used of resources are very important for the development of the institution. With changing times, it is very important to change the method and technology such as telecommunications, Skype, YouTube etc. for being up today with the industry.

During this time, Registrar of KIIT College Neelima Kamrah said that management is very important part of our life. It is needed at every level of our life as well as at work. It helps in analyzing and managing things. Time is so important and precious so we need to learn how to manage it which create self discipline, build the personality and continuous hard work. It helps us in achieving what seems difficult in achieving.