Top K-12 Educators From Across India Met At An Educational Conference at Mumbai

Mumbai: Over 200 educators from all across India attended the Eldrok K-12 Summit at Novotel, Mumbai on 28th August 2019. The conference brought together educators who are directors, trustees, principals at schools in India and industry professionals who are working with these schools to make learning more interesting for young students in our country. The event witnessed 4 interesting panel discussions where engaging discussions happened with the panel members and the audience.

The energy of the place was very high as all the educators had come with a mission of taking away as much innovative learning methodologies with them as possible, and then implementing the same in their schools. The first panel discussion on ‘Digitization To Change the Future of Learnings in Schools’ detailed how schools are using technology including basics like google drive or ms office to enhance their learning in classrooms and engaging students. It included eminent members like Aditya Patil, CEO of Ascend International School and Principal of Podar International School (CIE), Mumbai.

The second panel discussion witnessed discussions on ‘Global Best Practices in Experiential Learning’ and interesting concepts like innovating the parent – teacher meeting model. One of the panelists quoted “We have innovated how parents-teacher meeting is conducted in our schools. We ask parents to sit in a 45 minutes meeting with their own child at the parents-teacher meeting, and the child answers all the parents’ questions on their learning needs, strengths and weaknesses themselves”. This panel included eminent members like Sunta George, Principal Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai and Nicholas Correa, Executive Director of New Horizon Public School, Mumbai.

The third panel discussion had interesting discussions on school curriculums and innovations therein. Members of the panel included Tassos Anastasiades, Head Of School, Edubridge International School, Mumbai and Shipa Potnis, President, Birla Edutech Ltd. Mumbai. The last and fourth panel discussion had educators debating and discussing the importance of 4Cs in school learning, namely Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. One panel member, Pritam Aggarwal – Founder of Hello Kids Education India Pvt. Ltd. stated his new vision of learning as he stated, “Every child should have opportunities of studying in 12 different geographical locations during the school years” so they can embrace diversity better.

To add to Pritam’s vision, Ms. Purvi Tantia, author of Study Abroad Revolution and renowned international admission counselor made the education leaders cognizant of the evolution of this model at the university level where more and more universities are going for international exchange programs to give that geographical spread in learning to their students. The conference ended with an award ceremony where many leaders in education were facilitated for their work in creating future generation leaders in India.