Dr. Madhurima Jana from NIT Rourkela to get the prestigious ‘CRSI Bronze Medal Award 2023’

Rourkela: Dr. Madhurima Jana (Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, NIT Rourkela) is selected for the prestigious ‘CRSI Bronze Medal Award 2023’ by the Chemical Research Society of India. This honor is given for the significant contributions to research in the field of Chemical Sciences. Dr. Jana will receive the award during CRSI 2023 meeting, where she will deliver her lecture. Dr. Madhurima Jana and her research group, since 2011 in NIT Rourkela, focuses on microscopic properties of molecules, stability of proteins and protein-drug interactions by using molecular dynamic simulations and quantum mechanical tools. Her researcher’s group also explores suitable additives for electrolytes of lithium-ion batteries to enhance the performance of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are used in many products such as electronics, wireless headphones, handheld power tools, small and large appliances, electric vehicles and electrical energy storage systems.
Sharing this winning moment Dr. Madhurima Jana said, “I am pleased and honored to be selected for the CRSI Bronze Medal 2023. I thank all my Ph.D. students for their hard work. Moreover, my sincere gratitude to my Department and Institute for helping me in all directions to carry on my research work smoothly.”
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