Edubull experiences 400% jump in new users in the last 6 Months of Lockdown; Business skills, coding, and IT courses high in demand

Edubull, one of the fastest growing Ed-Tech startups in India, experienced a massive growth by 400% in new users, amid the lockdown. Within just a year of the launch, the startup has made a record-breaking success with 1 Lakh number of new users, as compared to their pre-covid numbers, and has been witnessing a consistent growth subsequently. Following this development, Edubull aims to launch new specialized Test Preparation content, to match the growing needs and bring in more users online to learn.

Among the 3000+ courses covered by Edubull, the platform reported a huge increase under contemporary subjects like coding, business skills, IT, etc, indicating the shift of interests and increasing relevance of new age skills. Tailored to match the needs of users of all ages, Edubull cognized a growth of 30% users in the age group of 1-18years, 55% in the age group of 18-40 years, and over 15% increase in the ages 41-70years. The highest response from new users was received from the states Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. In addition to having strengthened its roots in the tier 2 and 3 markets, the brand aims to augment its presence in metro cities as well.

Speaking on this development, Ms. Aashi Sharma, Co-Founder, Edubull said “Since the lockdown, Edubull has multiplied its content portfolio and introduced developed courses to match the needs of the ‘new-age learners’. Committed to providing accessible and affordable education to all, we have been working towards creating content that shall be building blocks in enabling the learners even in the remotest part of the country, and have an enriched portfolio matching the needs of the ever-changing job markets.”

The e-learning platform expects the number of active users to touch 3,00,000 by the end of 2020, and cross 5,00,000 by 2021, organically, with new, high quality content. Edubull also recently announced the launch of its B2B Platform e-professor designed for Institutions and individual teachers. The brand envisions to grow ‘Edubull as the EdTech Marketplace’. Apart from India, Edubull has also been focusing on the International Markets, with current tie-ups in Nepal and Uganda.