Education at the Sirius University of Science and Technology

PetrSU continues its successful cooperation with the Sirius University. Interaction in the field of robotics is implemented by the Center for Artificial Intelligence of PetrSU with the involvement of leading scientists from the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies, the Physico-Technical Institute, the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences.
A group of students and post-graduate students of Petrozavodsk State University, consisting of Nikita Leonidovich Remsha, Georgy Romanovich Safonov, Ksenia Andreevna Gladunova (first-year undergraduates of the Applied Mathematics and Informatics direction of IMIT), Alexander Vsevolodovich Baranovsky (first-year master’s student in the field of Instrumentation Engineering) , Rego Grigory Einovich (head of the group of students, 3rd year postgraduate student in the specialty “Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes” IMIT) takes part in the educational module “Mathematical problems of mobile robotics: navigation, autonomy and motion control under communication constraints” Sirius University. Students passed a serious selection:

As part of the educational module, introductory lectures have already taken place. The lecturers are renowned experts in the field of artificial intelligence and cybernetics, such as: doctor of physics and mathematics. Sci., Head of the Department of Theoretical Cybernetics, St. Petersburg State University Matveev Alexey Serafimovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of St. Petersburg State University Fradkov Alexander Lvovich, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences in Mechanics of the Technical University (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) Pogromsky Alexander Yurievich.

On the first day, there was a very interesting lecture on the emergence of the concept of cybernetics and artificial intelligence, especially the stages of their development in Russia. It was also very useful to consolidate the material on the course on the mathematical foundations of robotics.

– Nikita Remshu shared his impressions.

Based on the results of the training, it is planned to attract students to research activities in the robotic laboratory of the Central Institute for Research and Development of PetrSU. The knowledge gained will significantly improve the quality of students’ final qualifying works.