Eindhoven University of Technology: Dick Broer appointed Knight of the Order of the Lion

As senior researcher and vice president of Philips Research and as professor at TU/e Dick Broer has done pioneering research on crystalline displays, energy-generating glass, digital applications for people with visual impairments and vibrating coatings for dust-free solar panels. In addition, he conducted research into the demonstration of macroscopic movement by means of a molecular motor.

As an endowed professor, Broer was associated with the South China Normal University Guangzhou. He was also the founder of the joint research laboratory Device Integrated Responsive Materials (DIRM). This research laboratory focuses on prototypes and applications and aims to take scientific research one step further.

As a scientist, he has influenced the development of chemistry in the Netherlands and worldwide, by introducing numerous new chemical concepts, molecules, and manufacturing processes. Because of his very exceptional contributions to the scientific development of chemistry in the Netherlands and worldwide, and his unique ability to convert his scientific discoveries into new applications that actually benefit society and industry, he has played an unmistakable role as an inspiration to colleagues and students.