Eindhoven University of Technology: Very high vaccination rate among TU/e students

Over 90 percent of all TU/e students have been fully vaccinated, and another 6 percent have had or are planning their first vaccination. This means that the vaccination rate will soon exceed 96 percent. This is evident from a large survey that the university conducted between September 10 and 20.

Rector Frank Baaijens is happy with the results. “Now that studies are once again taking place entirely on-campus, it is even more important that as many people as possible have had their vaccination shots. I am therefore very pleased that our students are getting their shots and thus helping to minimize the risk of infection. I hope that as many students who are not yet vaccinated will arrange for their vaccinations soon.”

The anonymous survey was conducted among all TU/e students. The response rate was high at 41 percent. Moreover, the composition of the response group was representative for the student population, looking at parameters such as bachelor/master, gender and origin.

The results are consistent with the results of the survey conducted last month by the university of Wageningen among its students. There too, it appeared that the majority of the students had already been vaccinated.

The vaccination rate among TU/e students is much higher than the national average. Currently 82 percent of people in the Netherlands are fully vaccinated, and 86 percent have had at least one shot.

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