Ekam World Peace Festival, held from the 9th – 19th August 2018

Hyderabad: With an effort to unite all of humankind for the purpose of world peace, EKAM, also known as The Oneness Field hosted over 14,000 people for 11 days for the Ekam World Peace Festival, held from the 9th – 19th August 2018.

Each day of the Ekam World Peace Festival had prayers and mediation that targeted a specific cause; burning issues faced today such as religious intolerance, racial discrimination, domestic abuse, violence against women, nature and animals, and economic exploitation. The event witnessed strong and powerful wisdom lessons, insights and mediations to enable everyone’s energy to bless and protect the world so such disturbances will be minimised.

The last day of this magnificent festival was held on 19th August and on this day, as a grand culmination of the festival, over a million people from across the world meditated together from 7300 peace energy points, connecting to EKAM, the fulcrum of universal peace energy.

Speaking on the occasion, Krishnaji & Preethaji, Founders of O&O Academy said: The Ekam World Peace Festival has been brought into existence for a world that needs a peaceful co-existence with religious, technological, social, environmental and political disturbances, aiming to bring in peace to the outer world by starting with our inner world. The 11-day festival had seekers from across the globe, as they understand that this is the need of the hour today. The powerful meditation enabled participants to transcend towards the larger goal of world peace and unity.”