SEEDS, with Honeywell Safe School Program on potential risks & it’s preventions at the school in East Delhi


New Delhi: SEEDS, with Honeywell Safe School Program on potential risks & it’s preventions at the school in East Delhi

SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) as a part of the Honeywell Safe Schools Program organized Know your Risk campaign at RSKV, Preet Vihar, East Delhi School on 18th of August.

The Know your Risk campaign looks to address each school’s unique challenges to ensure that children go to school without fear, remain safe in school, and return home safely with the preventive control and strategies through the interactive sessions and activities that is needed for risk mitigation.

Honeywell Safe Schools is an initiative to safeguard students from any form of hazard that restrains the children’s development in any possible manner. Therefore, sensitization of children towards the emerging health hazards and its associated risks and precautions have been the major area of concern.

Children spend more time in schools than anywhere else, making it extremely crucial for school authorities, teachers and parents to ensure that every child is safe inside school premises and while commuting to or from school. The students and other school staff were appraised about the potential hazards present in the school in the form of school infrastructure and environment. Innovative medium like demonstration through a shake table to show potential dangers of non-structural objects like furniture, water tanks, and loose objects during seismic activity. It was then followed by a demonstration of simple solutions that greatly reduce the danger of these building components. Drone demonstration was used to help children identify potential hazards in their school premises. Volunteers from Honeywell India participated at the program guiding each group of students to identify dark areas spots in the school. The ‘Know your Risk’ campaign will be carried out in 5 more senior secondary schools as part of the Honeywell Safe School Program in East Delhi.


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