Eminent Bollywood Celebrities Boman Irani and Subhash Ghayi Attended Virtual Horasis Asia Meeting 2020

New Delhi: Today, the global visions community, Horasis, organized the first-ever Virtual Horasis Asia Meeting 2020. As a part of a trilogy, the discussion at the Horasis Asia Meeting was about ‘Entertainment as a Catalyst for Trade and Cultural Diplomacy’. Entertainment as a catalyst for trade and Cultural diplomacy panel brought eminent people from the world of cinema and music. Chairperson and the moderator of the panel Priya Samant is an impact advisor and tech executive with US based companies Trans Innovation IoT and Sequoia Applied Technologies was joined by Mr. Boman Irani, Mr. Subhash Ghai, Mr. Ali Sethi and Mr. Cary Granat.

The interactive session touched upon the cultural diplomacy in this changing geopolitical times, how music can facilitate cross cultural diplomacy and promote the message of peace to education as a new diplomacy and future of film and drama schools in India. Also, the discussion was held on why foreign films have minimal success in establishing presence in the US market from a trade standpoint. Through the discussion each speaker brought a unique perspective to the topic and eloquently spoke about the questions posed.

“As visionaries, leaders, innovators and the pioneers of cinema and music, they agreed with the moderator that there should be a holistic approach moving forward in cultural diplomacy and through the medium of entertainment, we can start a social discussion which can lead to a positive change” Priya Samant added.

“It was my immense pleasure to listen to valued thoughts of profound experts on the panel organised by Horasis Asia 2020. The panel on the entertainment world allowed me the opportunity to share my thoughts the culture & people of other lands & nations through their cinema, stories and music. It has been a great initiative towards human harmony internationally.” Subhash Ghai

“Participants agreed to join hands and to cooperate – in the spirit of true multilateralism and public-private partnership. Asia as a region is making impressive progress in containing COVID-19, and at the same time is using the pandemic as a means for transformation – to make their respective economies more resilient and sustainable” said Frank Jürgen Richter, Chairman of Horasis.

It’s rare nowadays to have this kind of open cross-border exchange, especially between Indians and Pakistanis. Creativity is the only kind of “friendly fire” anyone should indulge in!- Ali Sethi, Author and Coke Studio Performer

Launched in 2016, the annual Horasis Asia Meeting is one of the world’s preeminent discussion forums, offering an ideal platform to explore and foster cooperation, as well as promote investment and sustainable growth across Asia. Taking place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was entirely virtual for the first time in its history.