Entrepreneur First conducts Ambition Research: Predicts 50% young Indians to be hit with ‘Quarter- Life Career Crisis’

New Delhi: Global talent investor Entrepreneur First (EF) has released the Ambition Research report that determines the response of the most talented 18-30-year-olds to questions regarding their ambition, aspirations and factors limiting the country’s young minds from achieving their potential.
EF had identified the importance of encouraging ambition among society’s brightest minds as a path to creating a culture of high-end entrepreneurialism. In India, 82% of those interviewed mentioned setting up their own businesses was a way to achieve their ambition. However, over 52% of the youth believe they are experiencing or are worried about a ‘Quarter – Life Career Crisis’, where they feel a growing sense of disillusionment with their current career trajectory and a desire to do something beyond the realms of corporate convention.

Esha Tiwari, General Manager of Entrepreneur First in India commented, “In the Indian context, the Ambition Research has thrown up some interesting data. While 82% of the young respondents wish to set up a company, only about 28% amongst them are certain that they will become entrepreneurs. The rest of them are discouraged by factors such as financial insecurity, fear of failure, societal pressures and so on. We at Entrepreneur First see this as a clear validation as well as a call to action to continue doing what we do – encourage talented individuals to choose entrepreneurship as a primary career option by supporting, guiding and funding their dreams.”

An astounding 75% across various regions in India are of the opinion that the young minds are in a way more ambitious than their parent’s generation. Not surprisingly some of the entrepreneurial icons that 59% youth could identify with are: Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mukesh Ambani.

Rajesh Sawhney, Co-Founder, GSF Accelerator and InnerChef and one of India’s most respected angel investors, said, “The new generation is increasingly perceiving entrepreneurship as the best way to realise their ultimate professional goal. Today, the ecosystem is far more conducive for entrepreneurs to thrive than ever before. The unique Talent Investing model of Entrepreneur First is filling a major ambition gap by presenting a platform for talented youth to realize their entrepreneurial potential. From my personal experience, the advice I can offer to all potential entrepreneurs is to be focused, be passionate and yet patient, and actively seek support to accelerate your journey.”

In India, ambition is often associated with entrepreneurship, and a staggering 77% Indian youngsters, endorsed the belief that they had shared values with entrepreneurs. Ironically, about 28% believed that entrepreneurs are most talented and ambitious. What came as a surprise is that 77% respondents said that the current generation thinks entrepreneurship is the best way to truly deliver against one’s ultimate professional ambitions.