EuroSchool Launches 5th Campus in Bengaluru – Opens 1st nature-inspired learning concept with this school

Bengaluru : EuroSchool, a leading network of K-12 schools with a presence across six cities in India, is set to launch its 14th school in India in Bengaluru. Inspired by nature and considering the immense benefits of spending time outdoors, this is a school campus that reflects a shift from traditional schooling to nature-inspired, enriched schooling. The school also boasts a world class day-boarding facility, outdoor learning spaces, a curriculum that provides for substantial learning in the outdoors, best in class sports facilities and several other amenities.

Studies show that spending time in nature has countless benefits on the overall well-being of individuals by reducing stress, improving imagination, strengthening eyesight and focus. Given that our children have been indoors for over 1.5 years, today more than ever, our children need to spend time in the outdoors and to be enriched from natural surroundings.  Nature inspired learning at EuroSchool Bannerghatta will enhance not just their academic performance (by boosting cognitive abilities) but also significantly improve the creativity, critical thinking and imagination of our children. With this in mind, EuroSchool Bannerghatta truly presents an enriched learning environment to children in South Bengaluru.

Spread across 5 acres, EuroSchool Bannerghatta is designed to accommodate 2000 students – from Jr. KG to Grade 12 and is affiliated to the CBSE Board. In the academic year 2022-2023 admissions will be invited to the grades Jr.KG to Grade VII.

The school will feature Artificial intelligence (AI) Labs, spacious cafeteria cum dining hall with a capacity of 1000 persons, a day-boarding facility, a sprawling 3,500 sq.ft library that can accommodate over 10,000 books from across the world, a 600 seater auditorium and several outdoor nature-inspired learning spaces. There will be technology-enabled classrooms, fully equipped child-friendly and safe kids’ play areas, an infirmary, music room and art studio etc. The management has ensured that the campus will provide world-class sports facilities to students who are sports enthusiasts with a half Olympic size swimming pool, football ground, skating rink and basketball court.

The school will be a ‘home away from home’ with the day boarding facility enabling children to stay after school till 4:30pm daily. There is a dedicated after-school activity plan that will encourage ‘play and revision’ after school hours. At day boarding, the concepts learned during school-hours can be revised and homework will be completed under the supervision of the teacher at school itself. Students will also have the opportunity to choose 2 specialized courses that we will provide in collaboration with world-class partners. The courses will focus on 21st century skills and competencies. All meals i.e. Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided, through the nutritious meal-plan in collaboration with a world class service provider.

Several programmes and clubs focused on academics & extra-curricular activities will be part of the EuroSchool Bannerghatta offering: activities in yoga, robotics, dance & drama, music, sports, and specialised performing arts/languages.

The school building too, has been eco-consciously designed: The building design has ensured that there is maximum use of natural light while teaching students during school hours. There will be a sewage treatment plant and the by-products like water and manure will be used for irrigation and maintenance of the beautiful fruit orchards in the school campus. The unique space like open amphitheatres for music & dance, outdoor studio and learning spaces under the trees are part of the design, to ensure children learn in a natural atmosphere.

Commenting on the launch, Rahul Deshpande, CEO, EuroSchool, said, “Our 14th school in India i.e. the EuroSchool Bannerghatta campus holds a special place in our heart simply because of the unique thought around which we have designed this school. Inspired by the world’s best teacher – Mother Nature… Every aspect of the school is designed to encourage children to be one with nature. Classes will no longer be limited to the 4 walls of a classroom, instead we will have learning in and outside school, enabling our children to learn from and around ‘Nature’ the true catalyst – our first teacher. We believe that this shift from traditional learning to nature-inspired learning will immensely benefit our EuroSchoolers. Studies show that outdoor learning not just reduces stress but enhances the academic performance and fuels the adventurous spirit of children. With EuroSchool Bannerghatta we have put together a school that blends the best of both worlds: nature inspired learning with modern infrastructural amenities. The school also boasts world class amenities with the 1st day-boarding facility in the area. Parents trust us with their children and can now ensure children have healthy nutritious meals in school. The plan is to engage children right upto 4:30 pm with fun structured and unstructured activities and also encourage revision of concepts learnt during the day. After the day boarding hours, they can safely leave for home and spend quality time with the family. At EuroSchool Bannerghatta, children will benefit from our initiatives such as the Centre of Excellence – providing professional courses in collaboration with world class partners focused on inculcating 21st century skills. The school will also have a ‘Centre of Wellbeing’ focussing building on mindfulness & strengthening the overall wellbeing of the students, staff & school ecosystem through workshops and webinars by experts and 24/7 counsellor access. Our digital learning ecosystem ARGUS is highly appreciated by parents across our schools. ARGUS will ensure learning that is personalized to the pace and the style of each child, because every child learns differently. We are looking forward to unveiling this unique school in Bengaluru and presenting a meaningful learning experience to children in South Bengaluru.”