EV Innovation Revolution lead by students at Sharda University



The Amrutkal of India’s Independence has inspired several student innovators to contribute to the transformation of India. Under the mentorship of Dr. Parmanand, Dean, School Engineering Technology student innovators from NAVSTREAM INNOVATIONS of Sharda University- Sudhanshu Sharma, Pranjal Kumar and Ashutosh Singh have developed an integrated BMS and motor controller module for the EVs. This new innovation eliminates the need for separate BMS and Motor Controller modules by combining the two systems hence, reducing the accommodation needs in the EVs. The students have also provided an IoT interface that will provide cloud services enabling data transfer and communication between your mobile and the EV module.

Another fascinating innovation from Sharda students’ Team TECHNO CREATOR- Saurabh Astya, Ankit Sharma, Kaiwallya Vinod, Nikhil Raj and Sujeev Gyawali, provides solution to the growing problem of battery waste disposal owing to the rise in the number of Electric Vehicles on road. The students aim to recycle the disposed battery cells having remaining efficiency in the range of 50% to 60%. These reclaimed battery cells will be converted into smart grid inverters with an IoT interface. Therefore, simultaneously providing for inverter needs of households and offices, along with solving the growing menace of battery waste disposal that otherwise may prove plaguing for the environment.

“Sharda University has pledged its commitment to the startup boom in India. Our university is providing students with the enabling ecosystem to realize and market their solutions to the problems that challenge human society and the environment. Startup NAV NAVSTREAM INNOVATIONS and team Techno Creators have emerged as significant front runners.” stated Dr. Parmanand, Dean, School Engineering Technology.


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