Evolving technology offers alternative career choices: Coca-Cola India

Report by India Education bureau, Bhubaneshwar: Coca-Cola India’s leadership team, who firmly believes that leadership is the fundamental solution to all the problems on the face of our planet and beyond,organized a session for the AISEC students today on how the proliferation of technology is offeringunconventional career opportunities.
During his address,Mr. Abhijit Datta, Director- Flavours, Marketing, Coca-Cola India& South West Asiaemphasized onthe profound benefits that technology can bring in openingup new frontiers and undermining conventional ways of working. Further elaborating on the subject, Mr. Suri shared several aspiring examples of studentsopting for alternative career options in the FMCG space and becoming climatologist, ice-cream taster and not just choosing career from a handful of well-known professions such as Doctor, Lawyer and Engineer.
Individuals today, have much more flexibility and many more options to choose from.Thinking out of the box, innovation, self-identification of skills, dream big and aspire for more were some of the key traitsdiscussed during the session for interesting and challenging alternative career options.
Coca-Cola and AIESEC are united by a purpose ofworking towards more cross-cultural exchanges that enable a person to live a challenging experience to ultimately become more self-aware, to gain the ability to empower others, to be solution-oriented and to become a true global citizen. Theoccasion served a perfect platform tobring together the leader and the students to share such inspiring conversations.
Through the partnership with AIESEC, Coca-Cola intend to spread awareness amongst the youth and provide them with every opportunity to build the valuable trait required to achieve their aspirations.
Present in over 112 countries and territories and with over 60,000 members, AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization with a keen focus on leadership development amongst youngsters. It offers opportunities for youngsters to develop leadership skills on a global platform through international internships and experience as well as their internal programs.
The session was very well received and was attended by 380AIESEC students.